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Where is your learning going? How will you apply skills, qualities you’ve developed outside of IFP?

I believe the things learnt in IFP are very relevant to what is going on in the world right now. We have learnt not only about the different types of conflict and what they mean and the ways we must address them, we also found out more about ourselves and our importance in a team and the ways in which we can be useful. This relates to the sessions we had about positive peace and negative peace, most conflict resolutions should aim to be positive peace as positive peace attacks the deep and underlying problem and can potentially end the conflict and prevent it from occurring again.  We recently had a session about the ways to have a proper conversation and the ways to know that the conversation is either one sided or non directional. We learnt the many characteristics of a good conversation, how we should make someone feel as though they are being heard. The way I see the skills and knowledge I have gained from IFP going is, in the case that I see a conflict going on I know how to address the issue without making the person I am talking to feel as though their issue is any less than what it is.

What have you learned about collaboration? Have you learned to be more effective when working with others? What’s your biggest obstacle when asked to contribute to a team?

I have learnt that when collaborating with someone you should never listen to answer, you should listen with the intent to listen and only to listen so that the person who is talking to you does not feel as though they aren’t being heard. This relates to collaboration because when you are working with someone you should talk to them as well as listen to them with the intent to hear their ideas and potentially implement them. I feel that the most effective way to work with others is to actually listen to the ideas they are talking about and show interest but, also to give critical feedback so that you show that you understand what they are saying but feel like it could use more work because IFP is also about learning from each other.

In what ways have you been a mentor to others this year? Where and when have you shown initiative?

I feel as though during the Joint Training Session I was able to conduct most of the session  or if the session was not productive I was the one who would try to get people to work again and get the session going again. I feel as though I showed initiative during the Joint Training Session  as I eel as though I gave a lot of ideas to the group and I tried my best to keep our group on track and I tried my best to keep al of the ideas we had on the issue related to IFP and though provoking. I feel as though after the Joint Training Session I got a much better understanding about what I will be doing during the actual conferences we facilitate.

Which session has done the most to address your areas for improvement as a peace builder? How did that session encourage growth?

My biggest takeaway from IFP

What have you learned about leadership & what qualities and skills have you developed in IFP to help  do this?

My IFP Public Speaking experience

What has your engagement in IFP looked like your peers? What makes you say so?

I feel as though my engagement in IFP is shown through my multiple posts as well as the amount I contribute during sessions. I also think that others can notice that I am passionate about IFP and the sessions that happen during IFP. I always have engaging conversations with everybody who is in my group. Every time I exit an IFP session it is very apparent that I have come out with something new I have learnt, something that interests me enough to go home and tell my family, enough for me to speak to my classmates, my teachers, and my friends about. I always feel rewarded after an IFP session and I know what Ive learnt in IFP will go with my to college as well as life in general.

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2 Comments on IFP: Consolidation of Learning Post

  1. Manasi
    January 11, 2018 at 10:33 am (5 years ago)

    What you said about not always understanding people’s ideas and thoughts related directly to something I am exploring in IFP too. I also often feel like other ideas can be confusing or not relevant to the situation but after joining IFP I have learned to be more open minded about unusual ideas.

  2. graba62333@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg
    January 14, 2018 at 7:18 am (5 years ago)

    I can clearly see your big take aways from the few sessions we have had in IFP. What you said about the listening session I thought was very good and actually I could relate to it. I learned and realised similar things. Regarding to the dover training, I agree with you. You were motivating everyone to get on task when we were going off the topic as well as you had many great ideas and because you listened to other, it was possible for us to build on those ideas asa group.


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