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For the past 2 years I have been a member of Kokata GC, our GC works looks at working  with the NGO, Voice Of World in Kolkata, India. Voice of World aims to support individuals who are visually impaired or disabled. Every year we hold an event called Kahaani in efforts to raise funds for the Pratyasha home in Kolkata, Kahaani is a show that portrays a story through a variety of different Indian dances. They use the funds we provide them with to empower girls in the Pratyasha Home through various activities and programs.

This year I have gained the experience of being the chair of the GC alongside two other co-chairs. Last year I was in the media team for the GC and I did have much to do but, I noticed that Kolkata GC is a really inclusive job and everybody always feels as though they have done something and contributed in some way. I really liked the feel of the GC which is the main reason i applied to be chair. Not only would I gain the experience of being a chair of a global concern but I would learn skills that would not be able to learn elsewhere. As chair of the GC I have to be able to allocate jobs for everybody else in the group and see if everything is on track , not only that but, I much oversee the behind the scenes work that must get done for the show to be a success.

Planning the show, Kahaani takes a lot of effort and hard work, and there is a lot of small things that must get done. To make sure we finished all the small things and didn’t fall behind, my co-chair and I would meet up during our free and for those 80 minutes we would finish everything we needed to do before the next week.  Throughout the first term, there was a lot of preliminary planning that went into doing the show such as : booking the venue, planning the plot of the show, choosing songs, choosing dance leaders, sending out logistics forms to the service office and many many more.

While we have done so much in the first term there is still a lot to come. I am excited to finish the process of planning and executing Kahaani,

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  1. zhang72626@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg
    February 23, 2018 at 12:16 am (5 years ago)

    Good job, Priya! I went to watch he Kahaani Show with my friends and it was amazing. It is also impressive because it’s hard to imagine that such a big show was organized by one GC. It must be a lot of work. Nice to see you and your GC really did put a lot of effort on it and seems like you also learned a lot from your GC as well. Well done!!! 🙂


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