December 2018 archive

The Planning Stages of Kahaani

During the first term of Kahaani we had to do all the preliminary planning to ensure that as we get closer to the show day we have no hiccups. However, for the second term we have much more we need to focus on that will ensure the actual beauty of the show. Such as: getting decorations, costumes, seeing whether the dances are on track, as well as editing all the music and making it easier for the tech coordinator.

As we inch closer to the actual show date it starts to get more stressful as we have to keep everything in check and everything needs to start adding up. There were a few hiccups along the way such as, team members not completing working on time, miscommunication between team members but, as we work together and more efficiently we will be able to pull off a show that is good

Final Culturama

Culturama 2018 has come to a close and I really believe that the show went off without a hitch, our dance was energetic and full of life and I am so proud of what we achieved during the final shows. I was really nervous to perform considering I was at the front of the stage for a lot of the performance and I was scared to miss a step or a beat but, luckily I was able to do the dance in the way I wanted to and I achieved my goal of ridding myself of the stage fright I originally feared I would have. As this is my last culturama I have really seen growth in myself throughout the past 3 years in terms of my confidence, I remember during my first culturama¬†I was not confident dancing on the big stage as it meant there were over 500 people watching but, now after 3 years of doing culturama I have now mastered the art of being in the moment on stage. Realising that once you are on stage it really doesn’t matter if there are 500 people or just 10 you just do the dance and focus on the dance and it’ll be fine. If we hadn’t worked together as a team the show would not have been as good, we organised many outside school practices to help us master the steps and be the best we could on stage. Culturama comes down to the effort we all put in and if each of us had not put in the effort we did in the practices the show would not have been the hit that it was. I am very proud of what we achieved as Culturama India 2018.

Viva Voce Reflection

Originally, I thought the question I had chosen would be one that would be hard to find actual research for considering the specificity of the chosen question itself. However, I believe I showed resilience when finding suitable sources that would help me come to a conclusion. In the end, I was able to get many reliable sources that supported any claims I was making, this, contributing to the strength of the arguments made in my essay. The online sources I used best fit the research I was conducting given how easily available they were.¬† Overall, I feel I have learnt a great deal through the exploration I conducted when writing my extended essay, I don’t believe I was very shocked by any of the findings that I came across but, rather I realised that there are changes I need to make to my lifestyle in regards to the amount of negative news I watch and expose myself to, as the conclusions of my essay point to repeated watching and viewing of disturbing content as a cause for mental health issues.