Viva Voce Reflection

Originally, I thought the question I had chosen would be one that would be hard to find actual research for considering the specificity of the chosen question itself. However, I believe I showed resilience when finding suitable sources that would help me come to a conclusion. In the end, I was able to get many reliable sources that supported any claims I was making, this, contributing to the strength of the arguments made in my essay. The online sources I used best fit the research I was conducting given how easily available they were.  Overall, I feel I have learnt a great deal through the exploration I conducted when writing my extended essay, I don’t believe I was very shocked by any of the findings that I came across but, rather I realised that there are changes I need to make to my lifestyle in regards to the amount of negative news I watch and expose myself to, as the conclusions of my essay point to repeated watching and viewing of disturbing content as a cause for mental health issues.

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