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Defence of a quote about religion in politics

“The religious leaders don’t know how to govern. They will return to their mosques. The proletariat shall rule! Its inevitable!!” (Satrapi, 62)

“[The Iranian National Anthem] had been forbidden and replaced by the new government’s Islamic hymn.”(Satrapi,

“The educational system and what is written in school books, at all levels, are decadent. Everything needs to be revised to ensure that our children are not led astray from the true path of Islam” (Satrapi, 73)

I have selected “The educational system and what is written in school books, at all levels, are decadent. Everything needs to be revised to ensure that our children are not led astray from the true path of Islam” and I will be defending how it is morally just by pointing out how important education in the early stages of a child’s life is. During the Iranian Revolution there started to be a very thin line between religion and politics, this started entering the many aspects of the citizens lives including education. Children’s education was being controlled and it seemed almost as if the government was brainwashing them through religion and the things these children were being taught. Instead of teaching these children to grow up in an expressive manner whereby they learn about every religion and choose how they want to live they were being brought up in a very regressive manner constricting them from becoming their own people. Education should be a way to unite people with other cultures making sure they are being brought up in an open minded environment, through using extremist religion as a way to bring children up constricts them in their future endeavours.

If we cannot conceive of a concept or thing, then do we need a word for it?

I believe that a concept or thing that is not tangible is hard to describe through words. For example: Love, love is intangible therefore to describe love there is nothing to look at, there is nothing to compare it to. Many feelings are good examples of concepts or things that really have to correct description for their given word. Feelings are very subjective therefore not allowing for a correct description.

The other side of this is that if you are unable to conceive of a concept or thing why should there be a word for it? For example if somebody isn’t able to conceive the idea of separation, they may not feel it is necessary for there to be a word for it.  However, to explain a concept or thing that is unconceivable for some but, conceivable for others there should be a word for it, this is because if the actual concept is one that is growing to not have a word for it would confuse people more.

I believe that many people choose to neglect the concepts they don’t understand because they don’t believe they should give importance to the things they don’t understand but, if there was a word for it and people started using it, it would perhaps encourage others to figure out what it means. This making the concept that was previously unconceivable by some,  develop into something everyone understands or has an idea of what it is.

In the earlier days if people didn’t make a word for concepts they didn’t believe or didn’t understand there wouldn’t be any languages or complex conversation between humans because we wouldn’t have almost all of the words in the dictionary. Every language has ideas and concepts that many previously weren’t able to conceive but through complex thinking and learning (something humans are very good at), the languages were further  developed and widened. Therefore, I believe that even if you don’t understand a concept you should still start developing words for it to better explain the concept.

Name & Identity

What kind of identity does your name give you ?

My name is Priyadarshini Venkatesh, and its pretty obvious that its a very long name, having a long name often makes it difficult when introducing yourself. For me, when I introduce myself I always say my name is “Priya” however, when I go to India and I say that exact thing my family members get very upset that I am not saying my actual full name. My name is also a very “complicated” name therefore making it hard for a lot of people to pronounce and as I was growing up I would always have to correct whoever said my name which made it quite irritating for me to have this exact name. I would often ask my parents if I could change my name because I was so tired of correcting everyone who couldn’t pronounce my name but, now as I am older I am very proud and happy with the name I have because its unique and its special, and people often remember me because of how long my name is. It gives me a special identity because, when I go to India it is very normal to have my name but when I am anywhere else it is viewed as a very unique name.

I have many nicknames, including the shortenings of my name such as Priya or Pri but, my parents call me by many other names that I would probably feel very uncomfortable if anybody else called me by those nicknames. I suppose that is because my parents call me those names because I am their baby so they will always think of me as little and so those names are often associated with a baby. Therefore, if one of my friends called me those names I would feel quite awkward as it would give me the sense of belittlement.

How would you feel is someone else used the “in” words that your peer group uses ?

I wouldn’t be that offended or annoyed because usually the terms and “in” words my group uses are generic pop culture words. However, I do know that at times if there is a word that I use a lot and my friends started using it I would be quite happy because I would feel like I have had a strong influence on them. I don’t think i would ever be offended if somebody used the same language as me or same terminology. I do know of many who don’t appreciate others “stealing” their “in words” but, in my opinion you should be proud of other people catching on to the way you speak/communicate.  It could be that you are their role model and that is something one should own.