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Viva Voce Reflection

Originally, I thought the question I had chosen would be one that would be hard to find actual research for considering the specificity of the chosen question itself. However, I believe I showed resilience when finding suitable sources that would help me come to a conclusion. In the end, I was able to get many reliable sources that supported any claims I was making, this, contributing to the strength of the arguments made in my essay. The online sources I used best fit the research I was conducting given how easily available they were.  Overall, I feel I have learnt a great deal through the exploration I conducted when writing my extended essay, I don’t believe I was very shocked by any of the findings that I came across but, rather I realised that there are changes I need to make to my lifestyle in regards to the amount of negative news I watch and expose myself to, as the conclusions of my essay point to repeated watching and viewing of disturbing content as a cause for mental health issues.

EE Interim Reflection

I was successful with findings gained for my research question. However, a surprising thing I learnt through my research was that there is an abundance of research out there that relates to some aspects of a specific question you have. The hardest and most important part is being able to narrow the search results down to what you really want to learn and take away in order to answer your own research question. I definitely had to change my approach towards answering this question multiple times in order to use relevant research as there were too many varying journals that did not directly answered the question at hand. My understanding on this particular issue has definitely changed and has been enhanced in such a way that I am more aware of how much negative news I expose myself to, so that I am attending to my own mental health whilst still being aware of the issues occurring around the world.

EE Day Reflection

One thing I’ve learned….

I have learnt how to properly structure my world studies extended essay and properly connect both my subjects in a way that is not too dominated by one, as well as this I have learnt the psychological theories I need to incorporate within my essay to help enhance what I am talking about. Not only that but, I have also figured out how to write a world studies essay using the criteria we are given.

What I’m proud of…..

I am proud of how much research I have conducted today and the amount I have learnt, as well as this I am proud of the fact that I have a clear direction in which I am heading in terms of my Extended Essay.

What I’ll be doing next…..

The thing I need to start focusing on now is collating articles and analysing them to fit with the research I have conducted on written media, I must also start physically writing my Extended Essay.

EE Reflective Conversation

So far the Extended Essay process has been one that required me to step out of my comfort zone. I am doing an English and Psychology Extended Essay. I knew I wanted to  explore anxiety and depression and their causes in this day and age, as these two mental disorders are ones that affect people in lasting ways. To undertake my research I sifted through articles that relate to school shootings and I researched into the impacts that reading such traumatic news has on humans. So far the problems I have faced are that there are not many articles relating the two ideas I am exploring, this being the psychological impacts of reading negative news. There are research pieces on anxiety and depression and the triggers these have, and there are articles about the impacts of negative news but, I am unable to find research pieces on the psychological impact of reading negative news (such as school shootings).