Digital Perspectives – Social Media Affects Our Generation

Today in class we were in groups of three and each of us looked at either a TED talk video, an article or three short videos on the topic of, “Has social media changed the ‘teenage experience’ for your generation?”

This was the article I was reading.

We had to write down three quotes and my three were:

  1. “Parents can’t wrench the phone out of teen’s hands and tell them to go straight back to 1985.”
  2. “Jeez you are the ones who pressured us into doing an insane amount of extracurriculars to get into college.”
  3. “We ingest so much material that it’s impossible not to learn something.”

My two other group members, Izzy and Bailey, and I recorded a conversation that we had about everything we learnt about from the sources we looked at during class.

ION-E_cover CommScope via Compfight

I chose this picture because it has a young woman on her phone. Most articles talk about how social media has negatively impacted how teenagers today live their lives. It’s tiring to hear how your generation isn’t perfect and how we were brought up was wrong. There are always things like ‘people who use phones aren’t as smart as people who don’t’ or other silly things like that. This photo shows a young, sophisticated woman who looks like she works in an office. And she looks very happy compared to what some adults say about how people who use phones aren’t as happy as they could be if they were spending time outdoors instead of looking at a screen.

Two questions I have from today is:

  1. Why do adults always say that we should go outside more and stop looking at our screens, when we were brought up in a society that told us that we should look at screens and if it’s a problem, why do we go to schools that teach us and encourage us to use technology?
  2. What would our generation look like and be like if we hadn’t been brought up with technology and whether we would be happier and smarter like adults say we would be.
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2 Comments on Digital Perspectives – Social Media Affects Our Generation

    September 22, 2017 at 12:49 am (5 years ago)

    Hi, My name is Nicole.
    The most thought-provoking line in this post for me is “We ingest so much material that itโ€™s impossible not to learn something” , that’s because, social media could have a positiver or a negative impact and this line adds onto the positive side as you can learn and take away so much important details from our technology.
    Another question that comes to mind as the result of thinking about your post is the same as yours is would we be happy and what would our generation look like, if we weren’t brought up with technology?
    You could make this post 10% better by maybe relating your opinion to yourself and people you know. so maybe connecting it and linking it to your personal life and experiences, but overall I feel your post was really good and you explained what you started off with and linked the article and then explained why you put the picture in. I really liked your question cause they really get you thinking.

      September 22, 2017 at 12:58 am (5 years ago)

      Thanks for your feedback and thoughts on my post ๐Ÿ™‚


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