English – Article Analysis Reflection

Q1: In what way did this lesson help advance your understanding?

It definitely made me more aware of just how many sides you can look at a story. It also helped me to understand how to identify bias and fact and separate them.

Q2: In what way did this lesson make you question your previous learning?

I usually just read one or two articles and they are similar so I build my own opinion on the situation through that, but there are so many other stories and people and perspectives to consider until you can get close to the truth of a situation.

Q3: In what ways has this lesson inspired you?

It has inspired me to be more careful when I read articles on the internet to get information because when I write my own things based on the articles I have looked at, I don’t want my readers to be absorbing knowledge that isn’t close to 100% true.

Q4: What are you still unsure about?

I’m unsure of whether I am actually good enough at identifying features in articles that tell me more about the author and where they are coming from when they write.

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