June 2018 archive

Personal Statement

Although I am from England, I was born and raised in Asia. Living in Asia has taught me about the importance of culture and respecting the people around me. From a young age, I have been going to UWC which has taught me how to be a well-rounded person who knows how to be a leader with strong opinions, but how to be a great listener as well. In UWC we are required to be able to bounce ideas off each other in a respective and effective way. This has helped me to grow into a person who can look at every perspective possible. This school has also allowed me to explore my interests and ambitions.

On almost a daily basis, singing is one of my main focuses. I am a singer and songwriter, and have also taken a few courses on the many ways that you can compose a song. Music is something that I hope to pursue in the future, as it is one of my biggest passions and an art that I hope to share with other people so that they might learn something valuable from what I write. Another passion of mine is writing. Although I have had practice in writing essays, my strong point is narrative writing. I tend to have a natural character in my words, enabling the possibility for me to thrive as a journalist.

I would say that I am very much an arts person as I am interested in every art form. It is easy to say that art is my passion simply because it has no rules. Although every school will try to put rules on music and rules on fine art, to me the real meaning of art is expression. And since when did our expressions have rules to them?

I first started to discover my interest and love for people in Grade 9, Global Perspectives (GPERS). At the beginning of the year, we would look at issues and then discuss our perspectives. While looking at those issues, we just sat in class and had discussions about what we believed was right and wrong. This allowed me to discover how many things I have to say, but usually am too shy to speak up about. It was easy for me to get comfortable in the class because everyone respected each other’s opinion. In GPERS we are also required to look at certain people’s stories. That is when I realised that I like people. When looking at numbers and statistics, it doesn’t mean much to me, but when we focus on how something affected just one person, it inspires a great passion for wanting to know more about the issue and knowing about the many different people that exist in our world.


My end goal is to study in Australia where I can study psychology, the arts, and possibly other sciences. I hope that this will get me to a future where I work in the field of arts.