English – Foundational Stories

For this assignment, we had to choose a foundational story and explain how it has been retold and revisioned today. My partner was Kamila, and she chose the foundational story ‘Daedalus and Icarus.’ 

In her presentation, she gave examples of how the Ancient Greek story had been translated into poems and art, such as ‘Fall of Icarus (1819). It has also been mentioned in multiple books, especially children’s books, such as the Percy Jackson series. The lesson that the Ancient Greek story teaches has also been recognised as a psychological disorder called Icarus Complex where one is found to be fond of fire, heights, and narcissistic.

Kamila also explains what this Greek myth means, and how people use it today. For example, the myth-inspired a well-known idiom, “don’t fly too close to the sun”. Even if you don’t use it in your everyday life, this phrase will still sound familiar. It is also explained how there are themes of pride and punishment. Pride was something that was shunned upon in Ancient Greece because it was seen as a human thinking they can act like a god. The gods didn’t appreciate people like this and often punished them by death. This is also present today because too much pride can be seen as arrogance, and those who are arrogant are quite often shunned by society, simply because arrogance and narcissism are considered unpleasant qualities (unpleasant to be around).

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