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English – Language & Assimilation

Here is a link to the article that we looked at during class.

This picture is basically people in the Irish language community protesting for their rights and to be treated like normal citizens which I thought matched what the article was saying. In the article it seemed like the author thought that your language is your identity and that you should embrace it because it makes you unique and see the world differently. I think that she thought that the world wasn’t so accepting of people who speak a different language and that she didn’t agree with it because people should have the right to speak the language that they know and have grown up with, no matter if it is different to the people around them. Should people be allowed to speak their own language and advertise it and do you think it is important to and why?

How Arlene Foster helped nationalism find its teethCreative Commons License Tiocfaidh ár lá 1916 via Compfight

English – Language World

Why do I speak as I do?

I guess it’s the way I have been brought up that affects the way that I speak. When I was younger, I had more of a British accent because I spent most of my time around my parents. But since I joined UWC, my accent has been slowly fading away from British and more American/International. Of course I still say things differently because I’m never going to lose that British part of me, but because I’m surrounded by people of lots of different nationalities and cultures, the way I speak has changed, and still continues to.

How does my language define me?

I’m not really sure how my language defines me. I’m just English and that’s the only language that I can speak confidently. I am currently learning Spanish but I have also learnt French and Chinese in the past. I do love where I come from, even though I have never lived in England and have never been given a chance for it to feel like my home. I am proud of being English and I’m sure I have a lot of traits that are common in English people but in terms of my language, I’m not really sure. Now that I’ve gotten older, and I write and read a lot, I have started to use more sophisticated language in my everyday life. Well, I like to think so.