Reflection on PSE

This week in mentor time, we were learning about gender identity and the various forms of this. We studied multiple different articles and studied the relevancy of the article and the purpose of it. By doing this, I believe I was learning about how people can be different but how to accept that into our … Continue reading Reflection on PSE


Week 1: I began working out with longer running distances than previously at the beginning of this month as I really wanted to significantly improve my stamina more than I have before. I ran for 5.1km for about 40 minutes and burnt 300 calories in this workout. It was very tough but very effective for … Continue reading March


Week 1: I decided to go on a brisk walk today in nature and around my house because I was being quite inactive and wanted to get out and move my body without doing a full workout. This is a tracking app that helps to shows how many calories I may have burnt in that … Continue reading February


Week 1: I decided to go for a workout this week as I hadn’t gone on one for a while and decided I wanted to work on the long distance uphill walking that I had started in December. I mixed both walking and jogging into my workout to ensure it was well balanced and I … Continue reading January


Week 3: This week I decided to go for a workout but because I had been very busy the previous weeks of December, I saw that I was lacking in some of the stamina and the speed that I usually have when I go running on the treadmill. So, I decided to take it slightly … Continue reading December