The fourth lesson of My CP

This is the lesson where we started playing with the idea of having the money strangle me, and moving onto other characters that were overcome by money in different ways. We also started discussing the techno side of the project. We decided to use blackouts and a bit of stop motion, showing us going between stills to show my death. We also started discussing the types of backing tracks we would have and I told the group members about my idea for having a layering of voices speaking about the different topics as we wouldn’t speak during the actual performance. We also discussed projecting onto the screen or us different images pertaining to the issue.

Then we started talking about the need to have another cool visual. So, we played around and eventually got to the idea of this:

We played around with rippling the fabric and different positions but this was our favorite visual. As usual we’re not solid on what the meaning is. However, it’s an interesting visual. We then transitioned the visual by folding the sheet into a screen, and put Kate in the front. I then had the idea of putting someone behind the screen to be a sort of monster or “control” Kate. We ended up with this visual:

Kate and Andrea then worked on movements that transitioned from fear of the power of Andrea and the sheet, into a sort of curiosity and control. This also separates Andrea, and through the use of the sheet kind of can make her seem more part of the sheet as she embodies power and money. They continued and played with the idea of Kate taking the sheet from all of us like I had in the first practice. 

Of course Kate was doing this all while under the control of Andrea which upon reflection provokes some interesting thought processes. Are we ever really in control of our desires? We then wanted something striking to show Kate finally taking it from all of us, and given the silence we already had, Andrea had the idea of a clap which is simultaneous with Kate taking the sheet.



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