The Second practice of my CP

That lesson we played around a little more with the idea of walking on the sheet, and eventually decided to use the idea of actually using the the sheet as a screen and we played with idea of having shadows behind it.

We thought it had a good aesthetic. It’s very interesting but we didn’t really think of a strict meaning for it. However we did keep using the idea of columbian hypnosis, and we thought maybe it could somehow have some sort of meaning to do with how I’m drawn by money etc… However, eventually I get buried by money or riches, showing how it overcame me.

I get buried by the sheet, and Andrea controls the burying of me in said sheet. We then had an idea about how we could start off the performance keeping the idea of the sheet on the ground, and instead making movements like a heart beating behind it. Mostly we’ve been working on visuals and not so much meaning.

We also worked on the idea of having us all spread out into a line, once again more for aesthetics than much of a message. However, one time when we practiced the transition from heart into line, Kate accidentally ended up a bit farther from everyone else, and we decided to use that and separate me from the rest of us in a way of expressing how I’m different and I discover everything else first and exploit it and get overcome by it.

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