Project Week ???

To begin our reflection process on project week, we decided to plan a video/documentary/moving pictures thing. The mentor text that isn’t a text but is rather a video. Our final post will be done collaboratively, we will plan it together, and Sophia in her capacity as the media coordinator, will edit the videos. As for future-ready we will be using, resilience, perseverance, caring, self-awareness, and UWC skills and qualities. We will document the perspectives of our service partners, some of the “service” we do, and also the activities we do. Maybe just some fun experiences as well. We will interview Mr. Thy about the importance of education, maybe some of the kids as well, and other people in the community on their opinions of the school. Just put it all in. We will have a very long video. It too will be a video with human beings who speak. So, we will be using the mentor source. Perhaps the video will give us ideas of question to ask.

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