EE Writing Day Reflection

After the EE writing day I learned that in the future I have to be more organized with my note taking as I currently have a lot of information, but I’ve created a lot of work for myself because I now need to organize it. However, I’m proud of the fact that I’ve managed to obtain so much information, and learn so much. Next, I have to reorganize my notes and start writing the first thousand words of my EE. In the process of the EE writing day I realized that I hadn’t structured my essay plan and research in the most productive way, and I will move forward with it structured by more specific themes than domestic, international, regional, short term, and long term. After all, it’s a lot more complicated than I originally thought, and given the information I have that structure would make the essay very imbalanced. Therefore I’ve decided to work with GRIMSTRIPE factors, I foresee an issue with having too much information and analysis to fit in four thousand words.


EE Initial Reflection

From the beginning I was torn between doing a history EE on the effects of prostitution in the nineteenth century, or on the history of the Congo. I ultimately refined it to the Congo as prostitution was not viable. What made this process difficult for me, is that I had a lot of trouble committing to one research question as I find many parts of history interesting. My supervisor and I then refined the research question to be on the causes of the first and second Congolese wars rather than focusing on the Congo crisis, Belgian imperialism or conspiracy theories about both. We decided on causes because it can include  aspects from both the Congo crisis and imperialism, but also because it allows for  extensive analysis. In addition, it would stop me from going too far into subjects lacking in sources. Unfortunately I had was slow in writing an outline, as there were so many things I wanted to include.

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