Chinese calligraphy reflection

As a Chinese, I have a deep passion for Chinese culture, therefore I sign up for Chinese calligraphy as one of my activities.

Chinese calligraphy requires concentration. If I do not focus on it,  I could mess up my work. it helps me to develop my mindfulness as I become more focused and concentrated, and I could apply this kind of concentration to other subjects as well. Moreover, practicing Chinese calligraphy  is relaxing and helpful for mental well-being, it relaxs my brain and give me a space to comtemplete about myself.

ee final reflection and changes of the first two reflections

first reflection



second reflection

完成ee初稿后,我与老师针对论文中的精彩与不足之处展开了讨论。论文有清晰的构架,对诗歌的细节分析也比较到位。但对余秀华诗歌的研究意义书写不够,且文章的结论略显单薄。其次,习作中应适当增加名家对余秀华诗歌的评价,并对其进行进一步的讨论和点评,以此体现我的批判性思维。 另外,习作中分论点之间的关联略显隐涩,导致文章的连贯性略弱,因此我选择加强分论点之间的联系,使文章更为饱满流畅。

final reflection


Chinese ee reflection 2

完成ee初稿后,我与老师针对论文中的精彩与不足之处展开了讨论。论文有清晰的构架,对诗歌的细节分析也比较到位。但对余秀华诗歌的研究意义书写不够,且文章的结论略显单薄。其次,习作中应适当增加名家对余秀华诗歌的评价,并对其进行进一步的讨论和点评,以此体现我的批判性思维。 另外,习作中分论点之间的关联略显隐涩,导致文章的连贯性略弱,因此我选择加强分论点之间的联系,使文章更为饱满流畅。

Chinese ee reflection 1



Coding for Good Reflection (Celsius to Kelvin Converter)

I joined Coding for Good in season 1 and season 2. In this activity, our goal is to use innovation and computer science to help others. For example, if a charity organization needs an app to collect information of contributors, we then use java to create an app to offer technical help.

In the very first lesson, we discussed the meaning of Coding for Good, which is to use innovation to bring benefits to others. After that, we were introduced  Java by Mr.Kenn. Java is a type of computer language which allows us to design and programme our own apps. By following the guidance, I make a converter which can convert Celsius to Kelvin. As we learn more skills in programming,  we are able to offer higher quality helps to others.

*I spelt “Celsius” wrong in my converter.




Badminton Reflection

In this season, I joined badminton club. I learnt how to play badminton when I was 7 years old. But I seldom play it. Therefore this activity offers me a good oppotunnity to train my badminton skills.

We always do warm-up before the badminton session starts. This allows our bodies to prepare for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation. Moreover, warm-up will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Stretching the muscles prepares them for physical activity and prevents injuries. After warming up, we are asked to find a partner to compete with each other.

My partner in last session was Claudia Zhang,  a lovely girl from China.

Sometimes I pair with people who are really good at badminton. It is very chanllenging to play with them. I have to use all my strength on my big arm to hit the target. One girl told me that I need to be aggresive when doing sports. Here, “aggresive” means strong and energetic.  I do agree with this statement. But strength needs time to be built. I feel extremely tired after every session and even the day after badminton session. But it is worthy and satisfying to do it since a strong and healthy body is the foundation of anything.

I do appreciate my experince in this badminton club. For it gives me lots of chances to gain friendships, badminton skils and a strong body.

HS Math Competition Club Reflection

√-1 equals to imagery number “i”, so the picture means “I love math”.

As a math lover, I joined almost every math club in my school, including High School Math Competition Club. Compare to the intensive training of SEAMC, this club is more relaxing. This kind of chill environment is good for our creative thinking. In this club, we often do some tricky questions which require not only ability in maths but also creativity and strong logic. For example,


A man in my neighbourhood has three daughters. One day when I asked their ages he said, “The product of their ages is 36.”

When I still couldn’t find their ages he said, “Ok. I’ll give you another clue: the sum of their ages is same as the number of my house.”

I knew the number but still couldn’t calculate their ages. So the man gave me the last clue, “My eldest daughter lives upstairs.”

Finally, I was able to figure out their ages. How old are they?


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