HS Math Competition Club Reflection

√-1 equals to imagery number “i”, so the picture means “I love math”.

As a math lover, I joined almost every math club in my school, including High School Math Competition Club. Compare to the intensive training of SEAMC, this club is more relaxing. This kind of chill environment is good for our creative thinking. In this club, we often do some tricky questions which require not only ability in maths but also creativity and strong logic. For example,


A man in my neighbourhood has three daughters. One day when I asked their ages he said, “The product of their ages is 36.”

When I still couldn’t find their ages he said, “Ok. I’ll give you another clue: the sum of their ages is same as the number of my house.”

I knew the number but still couldn’t calculate their ages. So the man gave me the last clue, “My eldest daughter lives upstairs.”

Finally, I was able to figure out their ages. How old are they?


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