HS Maths Class Reflection

It’s been 4 months since the first time I had class in UWCSEA. I have always been a maths enthusiast, therefore I take maths HL as one of my subjects.

Maths class in UWCSEA is so different from what I thought it would be. I have studied in China for 16 years and the way of education of Chinese school and Western school is completely different. I expected teachers to guide students step by step and go through each question, but here in UWC, instead of spoon-feeding, teachers only tell you the way of solving problems and ask you to explore more yourself. At first, I found it hard to study in this way, but as the time passes by, I started to realize the advantage of this kind of learning method. It enables me to think myself and to be more flexible and more independent.

I like to do algebra the most. Play around with numbers is really satisfying and interesting for me. Algebra may seem difficult sometimes especially when I expend everything, but after I solve it, it feels so great and the logic flow of maths is just something really beautiful to me.

I think physics is a similar subject to maths. Physics is something built on mathematics. For example, when I need to calculate a force in a particular situation, I need to play around with formulas in order to get the answer I want.

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