Badminton Reflection

In this season, I joined badminton club. I learnt how to play badminton when I was 7 years old. But I seldom play it. Therefore this activity offers me a good oppotunnity to train my badminton skills.

We always do warm-up before the badminton session starts. This allows our bodies to prepare for exercises by gradually increasing the heart rate and circulation. Moreover, warm-up will loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles. Stretching the muscles prepares them for physical activity and prevents injuries. After warming up, we are asked to find a partner to compete with each other.

My partner in last session was Claudia Zhang,  a lovely girl from China.

Sometimes I pair with people who are really good at badminton. It is very chanllenging to play with them. I have to use all my strength on my big arm to hit the target. One girl told me that I need to be aggresive when doing sports. Here, “aggresive” means strong and energetic.  I do agree with this statement. But strength needs time to be built. I feel extremely tired after every session and even the day after badminton session. But it is worthy and satisfying to do it since a strong and healthy body is the foundation of anything.

I do appreciate my experince in this badminton club. For it gives me lots of chances to gain friendships, badminton skils and a strong body.

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