Service Reflection #1

# LO 7

Unified sports games with AMK MINDS.

It has been only 3 weeks since I have joined the service session and it’s already changing my perspectives. The session always excites me of what I will be learning new in the next session. During the first 2 sessions, we learnt about the 5 ways of learning ( reflection, preparation, action, demonstration and investigation) and it helped me to think diversely and collaborate with the other new members in the service. It also help me to think about the ways of how I can help the mentally disabled people and how to interact with them in an effective way. In addition to that, meeting some of the people from AMK MINDS organization last week was really engaging. A small session with them helped us answer the questions we had in our minds and it personally helped me to  get more ideas on AMK MINDS and how we can approach to the intellectually  disabled people and help them. I look forward to learn more and have positive engagement during the upcoming sessions.



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Initiative For Peace Reflection

#LO 6

How can Jah and Kay help you as peace builder?

In the stimulation, I was Kay; a rich country with all developed technologies and wealthy citizens. We wanted to help the poor countries like Jah who just got independent and free after being ruled by powerful countries. The Jah and Kay situation implies to many people in this world and it helped me realise how important it is to have  good communication and understanding skills between each other because without having good communication between two parties, it can can never lead to peace building. Even though if we are really rich and want to offer our help to the other person, we should not brag and make it so obvious that we are so powerful. What we should do is to step down and try to connect with them and gain trust from them in order to achieve a goal. When two groups understand each other, are on the same level and collaborate together, challenges will overcome and it is so much easier to get things done that satisfy both groups. We should always be open-minded and listen to the perspectives of the other people before doing anything. That is one of the ways to build peace.

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Tennis Reflection #1

#LO 1

Tennis is one of the activities that I have signed up for CAS. It is not just an activity but my childhood memory and my favourite sport. I have been playing tennis for almost 6 years in my hometown (Bhutan) and I still want to continue the sport here as well because there are always weaknesses that I need to improve on and at the same time strength as well. I feel that this is the greatest opportunities that I can ever get to work on it. It’s been only few weeks since the pre-season training has started and I feel that I am improving on my weaknesses little by little. Since the first week of the training, I have been working on my serve and backhand with the help of our coach. I feel that I have improved my backhand little bit compared to how I used to play before. Now, I am aware of how do a proper swing and body postures. Though I still make silly mistakes most of the time, I think it’s the best way of reminding myself and woking on it again. In addition to that, my Coach has helped me a lot on changing the wrong style of serving till now and  I feel that now my serving especially kick serve and second serve which is more of curving  are improving. I can feel the differences of changing the wrong style and I hope to work on it more and be a good player in the future. However, the hot and humid weather in Singapore is still challenging for me. I come from a country with moderate temperature weather and I find it little hard to play sports in very hot place like Singapore, nevertheless I hope to get adjusted soon with the hot weather.








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2019 CAS Goals

Goals for Tennis.

  1. working mainly on the backhand swing.
  2. Get stronger on kick serve and second serve
  3. Do physical training regularly
  4. Hitting more cross-court and deep balls
  5. Never missing the training
  6. Practise approach and volley with better movement
  7. Play more matches so that I can prepare and have confidence while playing the real match


Goals for basketball.

  1.  More teamwork and collaboration
  2. learning the tactics and techniques and improve my skills
  3. Do physical training regularly
  4. shoot at least 70% or better from free throw line


Goals  for service (unified sports with AMK Minds)

  1. Knowing more about the intellectually disabled people and learn how to effectively work with them
  2. Bring changes within myself
  3. Make small differences in the lives of others
  4. Being more open and bringing changes in my own perspectives of seeing another different society.


Goals for Initiative For Peace

  1. be an active member
  2. building skills on how to build peace and solve conflicts
  3. skills to conduct an effective workshop on my own
  4. understanding different perspectives
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context of Women’s World


Context of women’s world

Graham  Rawle is a UK writer, a collage artist and a designer. Graham Rawle’s work has been exhibited internationally and he regularly lectures about his work at both academic and public events. Among his published books, Women’s world is one of them and it was published in 2005. The book  was created entirely  from fragments of collaged  found text clipped from vintage women’s magazines from 1960s. “for five years Rawle, Stakhanovite of the scissors and paste, has laboured 17 hours a day, seven days a week, assembling 40,000 fragments of text from women’s magazines to produce a tale that moves with the pace of a thriller, with as many cliffhanging chapter endings and swerves of story.” His novel Women’s World was very famous and has won many awards as well. Women’s World is a twisty, interesting and a reflecting book. It builds the story about fashion-interested and identity. In this novel, the author views embodiment of two different gender/person within a single on-screen character (Norma and Roy)/ multi-personality.

Literary and Non-Literary Text Comparison

Non-Literary Text.

” SKII# Change destiny stories- Beyond the limits of DNA with Misa Kuranaga”

Context:   Misa Kuranaga began her training at the Jinnushi Karo Ballet school and later continued at the school of American Ballet. She has been a member of San Francisco ballet and later joined Boston Ballet in 2003. She was promoted to second soloist in 2005,  soloist in 2007 and principal dancer in 2009. Misa received numerous awards and honors during her early age. In spite of her physical build that would normally be considered unsuited to the art, she opened up herself to the world and the odds that were stacked up against her broke as she overcame her struggles using her own tenacity. She wasn’t born to be a ballet dancer, but she chose to change her destiny. Today, she is Boston Ballet’s first ever  Asian principal dancer. She overcame her limitations and changed her own destiny.

Point:  The world judged on her  and she did not feel confident about how she was born; short height, brown eyes as Asian.   There is                   nothing that can limit us from being who we are and what we are meant to be.

Evidence: 1. “My DNA is a funny little dictator”

2. “it dictates that I will see the world through brown coloured eyes”

3.  “that my narrow hips will limit the race of my movement”

4. “My legs are too short to be graceful” she feels that her legs are too short to be a ballet dancer and that she can’t do it

5. ” but most of all, my DNA dictates that I shouldn’t listen to little dictators”

  Analysis: 1. Most of the women in the world believe that they can fulfil their dreams and be successful only if their parents were                                  successful or have done it so. They feel that their success is inherited from their parents. If their parents are not successful                       then, they don’t feel confident about themselves as well. Yet some people hesitate to overcome them in their life and limit                         themselves from doing what they want to do

2. In this video, though Misa had short height, brown eyes, she did not care about those little things and she opened herself                         to  the whole new world. Though some part of her DNA showed that she can’t become a ballet dancer but most of her DNA                         dictates that  she should do it and that she can become one of those.

3. Nothing can limit you from being who are and who you will be in the future. Opening yourself to the world is in your hand                       and that is your identity and happiness

4.   There is a repetition of “it dictates” to emphasise to her strength and determination to do what she want to do.

 5.  Misa Kuranaga became the first Asian ever to be appointed as principal ballerina at the Boston Ballet.

6.  Throughout the video of Misa, the light focuses only on her in the dark background which symbolises how she overcame                            her hardships.

7. Misa opened up about her struggle making her presence known in the wold of ballet and how she overcame what others                         perceived as limitation.



Literary Text

Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino

context: Natsuo Kirino is the middle child of three. She began her writing career in 1984 when she first started off composing her novels in the romantic genre. However, she did not have a passion for writing more romance novels and wanted to concentrate on works focusing on the psychological aspect of crimes. She then started to write mystery novels in 1990s and won several awards as well. “Grotesque” is one of them. The story Grotesque was inspired by  a 1997 murder in which the victim was a 39-year-old woman who was a researcher at Tokyo Electric Power Co. by day, and a prostitute by night.

The novel Grotesque, is mainly about how women are pressured and how they are rejected in the society. Grotesque is a powerful indictment of that kind of society. However, people often mistakes Grotesque as a crime novel. Natsuo Kirino’s real concerns are social, not criminal; her true villain is “the classist society so firmly embedded in Japan” which pushes her protagonists along the road to prostitution. Nevertheless, Grotesque is a triumph.

Point: women struggling to be taken seriously by men and are stereotype as being weak and cannot achieve their goals like men. They are pressured by the society and does not feel the sense of belonging or fitting into a particular group.

Evidence: From the story Grotesque, the particular paragraph that I have chosen is on page no. 58, last paragraph. “A squirrel….this paragraph mainly talks about how the narrators feels about herself and becomes too self conscious.

  • “I would be a pine, perhaps, or a cedar”
  • ” at any rate, I would not be the kind of flowery tree that welcomes birds and insects to gather in its branches like blossoms”
  • ” I was a tree that simply existed for itself, alone”
  • ” a clever squirrel who forages for nuts in the trees and buries them in the ground to stave off winter hunger. The squirrel was exactly what I was not”
  • “old tree, thick and hard”



  • The narrator thinks that she is not beautiful and she compares herself to “nothing”
  • she feels that she lost her identity and is not recognized by anyone.
  • she compares her beauty and body to a flowerless tree that won’t  attract any birds or insects but rather would be left alone.
  • She feels too conscious of her identity and shows lack of self confidence
  • she feels excluded and unwanted by other people.
  • she hated herself for how was born.



Both the narrators become self conscious about how they were born and struggles to identify their identity. The society takes over them (judgemental) and limits them from being who they are and what they want to do. Both the narrators struggles in their life to fit in a certain group and finds it hard to overcome their hardships. However, Misa Kuranaga succeeds to break her limitations and proved that the judgements of society (people) were wrong and finds her identity to move forward for a better future. On the other hand, the narrator of Grotesque is still stuck in the judgements of society and doesn’t find her true identity.



Initiative For Peace #IFP

#LO 3

Peace Day Conference (IFP.)

On 1st September 2019,  the Peace Day Conference was held at UWCSEA-Dover Campus from 9 am to 4:30pm. The conference was  held for grade 11 students who are interested in joining IFP in both Dover and East. At first, I thought it would just be a  usual conference to introduce and talk a little bit about how it was formed and what they have been doing till now but this conference was totally different. There were so many activities and games which helped us to have interactions with the Dover students and at the same time it was knowledgable. The Peace Day Conference was divided into four main activities and they were; Sculpture garden activity, tolerance, a model UWCSEA student and the school’s veggie Wednesday . All the activities made me reflect on myself, especially “tolerance”

In the tolerance activity, we discussed on what is meant by tolerance and acceptance and how one should have the ability to tolerate in different situation. This activity made me reflect on what I have been doing and what I should do from now onwards. it made me think deeper about how it can affect the other person if I did not tolerate .Tolerance is the ability and willingness to control your emotions (anger)  and understand the existence of opinions and behaviour that one dislike or disagree. We should have empathy for that particular person. Sometimes there are situations where you have to consider other people’s point of view which can be totally different form yours but you need to  tolerate that and let it be or accept it. That can also come under compassion and in that way even if it was a small thing, it can make a big change in the future. I also learnt that having patience is one of the best ways to calm the situation or conflict and find our own peace.