2019 CAS Goals

Goals for Tennis.

  1. working mainly on the backhand swing.
  2. Get stronger on kick serve and second serve
  3. Do physical training regularly
  4. Hitting more cross-court and deep balls
  5. Never missing the training
  6. Practise approach and volley with better movement
  7. Play more matches so that I can prepare and have confidence while playing the real match


Goals for basketball.

  1.  More teamwork and collaboration
  2. learning the tactics and techniques and improve my skills
  3. Do physical training regularly
  4. shoot at least 70% or better from free throw line


Goals  for service (unified sports with AMK Minds)

  1. Knowing more about the intellectually disabled people and learn how to effectively work with them
  2. Bring changes within myself
  3. Make small differences in the lives of others
  4. Being more open and bringing changes in my own perspectives of seeing another different society.


Goals for Initiative For Peace

  1. be an active member
  2. building skills on how to build peace and solve conflicts
  3. skills to conduct an effective workshop on my own
  4. understanding different perspectives
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