Tennis Reflection #1

#LO 1

Tennis is one of the activities that I have signed up for CAS. It is not just an activity but my childhood memory and my favourite sport. I have been playing tennis for almost 6 years in my hometown (Bhutan) and I still want to continue the sport here as well because there are always weaknesses that I need to improve on and at the same time strength as well. I feel that this is the greatest opportunities that I can ever get to work on it. It’s been only few weeks since the pre-season training has started and I feel that I am improving on my weaknesses little by little. Since the first week of the training, I have been working on my serve and backhand with the help of our coach. I feel that I have improved my backhand little bit compared to how I used to play before. Now, I am aware of how do a proper swing and body postures. Though I still make silly mistakes most of the time, I think it’s the best way of reminding myself and woking on it again. In addition to that, my Coach has helped me a lot on changing the wrong style of serving till now andĀ  I feel that now my serving especially kick serve and second serve which is more of curvingĀ  are improving. I can feel the differences of changing the wrong style and I hope to work on it more and be a good player in the future. However, the hot and humid weather in Singapore is still challenging for me. I come from a country with moderate temperature weather and I find it little hard to play sports in very hot place like Singapore, nevertheless I hope to get adjusted soon with the hot weather.








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