Initiative For Peace Reflection

#LO 6

How can Jah and Kay help you as peace builder?

In the stimulation, I was Kay; a rich country with all developed technologies and wealthy citizens. We wanted to help the poor countries like Jah who just got independent and free after being ruled by powerful countries. The Jah and Kay situation implies to many people in this world and it helped me realise how important it is to haveĀ  good communication and understanding skills between each other because without having good communication between two parties, it can can never lead to peace building. Even though if we are really rich and want to offer our help to the other person, we should not brag and make it so obvious that we are so powerful. What we should do is to step down and try to connect with them and gain trust from them in order to achieve a goal. When two groups understand each other, are on the same level and collaborate together, challenges will overcome and it is so much easier to get things done that satisfy both groups. We should always be open-minded and listen to the perspectives of the other people before doing anything. That is one of the ways to build peace.

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