Service Reflection #1

# LO 7

Unified sports games with AMK MINDS.

It has been only 3 weeks since I have joined the service session and it’s already changing my perspectives. The session always excites me of what I will be learning new in the next session. During the first 2 sessions, we learnt about the 5 ways of learning ( reflection, preparation, action, demonstration and investigation) and it helped me to think diversely and collaborate with the other new members in the service. It also help me to think about the ways of how I can help the mentally disabled people and how to interact with them in an effective way. In addition to that, meeting some of the people from AMK MINDS organization last week was really engaging. A small session with them helped us answer the questions we had in our minds and it personally helped me to¬† get more ideas on AMK MINDS and how we can approach to the intellectually¬† disabled people and help them. I look forward to learn more and have positive engagement during the upcoming sessions.



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