Basketball Reflection

# LO 5

Basketball has been one of the greatest physical education for me because I got to improve my overall basketball skills, at the same time, it helped me to maintain my physical strengths which eventually helped me to do well in other sports. I wasn’t able to keep in touch with my basketball training in the past few months and I felt like I have lost my rhythm in basketball, thus, this made me worry a lot so I decided to joined pre-season basketball so that I can catch up my rhythms and learn new skills. At first, I assumed that since it is a pre-season activity, the players won’t be that tough, at the same time I assumed that there won’t be much players. However, my assumptions made me challenge myself and also when I was put in team B, I had to reflect on myself a lot. Seeing how the team A were trained and by watching their performances made me work more harder and improve my weakness in team B. I always worried about whether I will be able to do well or not, whether I will be able to follow up the feedbacks given by the coach or if I can improve my weakness and make it as my strength.

I feel that my weakness is not being able to follow up the feedbacks properly but I also feel that I am improving in that field with the help of our Coaches and my friends. In addition to that, I have also gained the skills of teamwork, shooting styles, verbal communication while playing matches (have never given importance to verbal communication that much before so now I know how effective it is to use verbal communication while playing matches.) nevertheless, it was worth sacrificing my every Friday morning sleep.

Ever since I joined the per-season basketball training, I always wanted to play mix match with the team A because I wanted to see how it feels to put all the skills that i have learnt till now and play with the players who were better than me. In that way I could tell myself whether I have improved or not. And finally during our last training, we got to play mix match with the team A. I was so excited at that moment and did my best while playing the game. I put in all the skills that I have learnt so far during the training and it made me perform well during the match however, I might have failed in some areas that I didn’t notice but I take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I think it is the best opportunity for me to keep moving forward, learn new skills and improve on my weaknesses.



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Skills/ Qualities- Likes/ Dislikes

The person that I admire the most is the person who I always look up to as my role model. This person has inspired me to be who I am and to have an aim in life. Some of his skills and qualities are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration
  3. Honesty
  4. Commitment and Passion 
  5. Good Communicator 
  6. Empathy
  7. Confidence
  8. Optimism 
  9. Positive attitude

I want to develop all the skills/qualities that I have mentioned above but mostly I want to develop the skills and qualities that are in bold within myself.  I want to develop leadership skills so that I can positively interact  with the people around me, listen to their problems and feedbacks, motivate others and develop positive human relation skills. I also want to develop commitment and passion  for what I am doing. The person I admire always shows his full commitment to his work and he shows his passion by doing work that has always benefited the people.  I feel that commitment and passion are one of the most important key factors that we need in our lives to perform better, achieve goals and aims, build team work and to show that you believe in the work that you are doing and that it is important to you. Being a Good Communicator is also very vital. I want to develop this skill as well so that I am able to communicate my message effectively to the people or to my team and avoid having error in communication. Words have the power to motivate people and if you have good communication skills you can motivate others to think creatively and have a goal in their lives. Empathy is something that we should have within ourselves. If one doesn’t have inborn empathy, it will be hard to develop. As far as I know, the person I admire have strong empathy to the people. He always listen to peoples’ thoughts and feelings and look at their situations from different perspectives. He then tries to solve their problems and help them overcome their hardships. And this is what I also want to work on so that I can improve as I grow.


Some of the skills/qualities that I dislike about a person are:

  1. Clumsy
  2. Disorganised 
  3. Greedy
  4. Not being thoughtful
  5. Intolerant 
  6. Irresponsible

I want to avoid all of them because I don’t like having one of those qualities within myself. I don’t like people who are not organised with the things they do because I feel that being disorganised leads to lack of awareness of what is happening around us.  It can often lead to problems and also when we are disorganised we keep things to do it later and we eventually forget them. Also being intolerant can cause lots of problems and misunderstanding between a partner or a group which is not good at all. It can lead to breaking of relationships and ineffective collaboration/teamwork with people. Thus, I want to avoid being intolerant. On the other hand, being Irresponsible shows the lack of leadership and commitment. It also shows a weak part of your personality  to others and because of that people can perceive you as unreliable and not capable of what you are asked to do. Therefore, I want to avoid all these qualities and look up to the qualities of the person I like so that I can become a better human being.


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Unpacking the Visual and Lexical elements of Women’s World

# Our global issue was, “To what extend can text show one’s imagination and affect their identity in the reality?”

Our three main points in context of our global issue were:

  1. the only way to be a women is to be like the one in the magazine
  • Roy’s imagination creates a person within himself and that person is Norma who he thinks is his lost sister. Roy doesn’t know how it looks to be like women or how a women should be and look like so, he always look into the woman’s magazines and try to be like one of them as he thinks that all the women are like the ones in the magazine. On page 6 first short paragraph, he mentions that becoming a women is not a disability but a challenge to be met with by careful preparation and planning. Therefore even though he is a boy, he plans and prepares himself by dressing up femininely and putting on lots of makeups like the ones in the magazines so that he can become a woman. One of the examples could be; on page 6, the picture of the lipstick shows feminine style and shows how much Norma gives importance to cosmetics. However, the shape of the lipstick also shows the symbol of man’s phallic element and this again gives the readers idea about Roy (male-shape of the lipsticks) trying to become (female-Norma) by using female cosmetics. Thus when he becomes a women, he thinks of himself as Norma.
  1. women who don’t fall in the stereotype finds it difficult to accept themselves
  • Most of the women who take examples from the magazines find it hard to accept their true self. They see women on the magazines having perfect eyelashes, fair skin but when they put it on themselves it doesn’t look good,  they see women on the magazine wearing suitable red lipsticks but when they put it on themselves, it doesn’t match them and thats when they see stereotype and find it hard to accept themselves. With this, if we look into the context of Roy and Norma, although Roy is not a girl, he still tries to become one by getting ideas from the magazine. Roy/Norma’s interest in the magazines; Roy tries so hard to go through all the magazines so that he knows how every women looks like and what type of creams and cosmetics they use to look pretty  since thats how he perceive women as through magazines. He mentions on page 6 how important mascara is for women to get fair splendour of the look in their eyes. To become a woman; putting mascara and eye shadows on eyes, clothes, cosmetics used on faces, and lipsticks make a huge difference because if we put those things heavily and properly then even a boy can look like a girl like how Roy does that to become Norma.
  1. As the result of the stereotype, men have a very improvised vision of women
  • Because of the stereotype created by the magazine that all women look beautiful and should always look tip top with fully dressed up and with fixed makeup on it, men thinks that every women is like that. Therefore, men have improvised vision of women that every women should look pretty like the ones in the magazine. Even Roy who doesn’t have much idea about women thinks that all women are like the ones in the magazine since he is influenced by it and now he is trying to look and act like one of them. Norma thinks that every women should look like the ones in the magazine and should always be well dressed. She is also very particular and picky when it comes to dressing up and putting on makeups because she considers herself to look like the perfect women in the magazine. Actually in reality as well, most of the women try to look their best everyday and its their nature and thats how men perceive about women as well but when we come back to Norma and Roy, the situation is similar but little different. Here man is trying to become woman by knowing what a woman is. Norma follows new trends like Fashion WIGS (page 6 and 7) which were available in different hair styles, colour and always ready to wear. (giving evidences that Norma is no one but Roy himself) It also shows His/her interests in the latest fashions.




Women’s World

Three themes/ ideas being developed in chapter 1.

  1. In the first chapter, the narrator clearly gives ideas about Norma’s imagination world and how she always refers her reality to the daily magazines. It also gives hint on Roy being Norma or Norma being Roy which is only one person at the end.

2. The texts also gives idea of Norma’s close relationship with Roy. Like in page 8, she describes how much Roy knows about her         in terms of her favourite colours and fashions and says that he is fully qualified to tell her when she is looking better.

3. In this chapter some of the texts were repetitively highlighted; for example (HER),(SHE), (WOMEN), (GIRL) and it is              giving the importance to the women but in this text it shows that men like to be masterful and prove that women are the                  weaker sex.  ( some of the examples could be seen on page 10, 11)

TV Advert- “Always”

How does the text reflect on  gender identities in the society and shape them?


  • Majority of women are always considered inferior to men and the society does not see them as “strong” as men but women works hard as much as men do or they may be doing more than men. We should redefine the definition of what women means in the society. Girls are being judged and compared on how they walk, run, play sports or fight with someone and they are considered weak and incapable to men. The society (referring mainly to men)  should overcome that ignorance and judgemental ways but I think men are not the only people at guilt; women are also guilty for allowing them to think in that way. Women should raise their voice, change the perspectives of men, act like themselves and be their true self; and to do that the society should support them as much as they do to men.  
  • If women ask for equal rights in the society, it does not mean that they want to be treated like men. A girl may put make ups, make their hair curly, be fashionable and do whatever they want because it is their choice and their freedom. They should not be restricted from their goals and passions; society should accept that as a fact not consider them as a weak and incapable person.So many women believe that beauty and body is one of the ways to get accepted in the society since that’s what men get attracted to but  women should stop other women to act like this, they shouldn’t be too conscious of their outer look. I know everyone is conscious of their looks but being who they are and being proud of themselves for being a girl should always be prioritised.
  • Elders should show examples to the younger ones because young boys and girls look up to their elders and copy them. During puberty, girls lose two times their self confidence  compared to boys. Thus, women should show the young girls to be proud of themselves as girls, build self- confidence and motivation, be independent as they grow and be involved within the society. Likewise, men should show respect and accept women as they are, not by judging but instead supporting them and showing equality in the society. Thus, young boys will not misinterpret girls even if they are not their sisters or girlfriends who they will never insult and humiliate like how they might do to other girls. I feel that this all starts when we are teenagers (both boys and girls) because that’s the time when both the genders hits puberty and change their perspectives and make a difference in the society.
  • #  The brand “always ” support and encourage women both directly and indirectly. The fonts of the “always brand is similar to ‘Caveat’ font which kind of resembles women. They also use phrases like, ‘stand up’, ‘tweet’ and ‘share’ so that it is easy for the audience to understand and it also gives small instructions to the audience on how to take actions to support women in the society. The brand uses social media to spread the ideas around the world.

Reflection on Empathy #1

Empathy is something that I have always wanted to work on so that I can understand and help the people around me without having them to tell me everything. I feel that everyone have empathy within  themselves; it’s just that they don’t know when and how to have empathy. Empathy is the ability to identify, understand the situation and someone’s emotions as if they are your own emotions and putting yourself in their frame. From my point of view, empathy is one of the strongest emotions of a human being because it helps us to understand the situation from different perspectives, how they are feeling, have compassion for them and being moved to take actions without judging anything . Empathy is acknowledging the other person. Empathy is different from sympathy in the way sympathy is looking down on people and showing pity towards them thereby forming an opinion that they are not as capable as the other people. Empathy is giving hand to the other person and sharing their burden; helping them to feel supportive and having positive environment.


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