Basketball Reflection

# LO 5

Basketball has been one of the greatest physical education for me because I got to improve my overall basketball skills, at the same time, it helped me to maintain my physical strengths which eventually helped me to do well in other sports. I wasn’t able to keep in touch with my basketball training in the past few months and I felt like I have lost my rhythm in basketball, thus, this made me worry a lot so I decided to joined pre-season basketball so that I can catch up my rhythms and learn new skills. At first, I assumed that since it is a pre-season activity, the players won’t be that tough, at the same time I assumed that there won’t be much players. However, my assumptions made me challenge myself and also when I was put in team B, I had to reflect on myself a lot. Seeing how the team A were trained and by watching their performances made me work more harder and improve my weakness in team B. I always worried about whether I will be able to do well or not, whether I will be able to follow up the feedbacks given by the coach or if I can improve my weakness and make it as my strength.

I feel that my weakness is not being able to follow up the feedbacks properly but I also feel that I am improving in that field with the help of our Coaches and my friends. In addition to that, I have also gained the skills of teamwork, shooting styles, verbal communication while playing matches (have never given importance to verbal communication that much before so now I know how effective it is to use verbal communication while playing matches.) nevertheless, it was worth sacrificing my every Friday morning sleep.

Ever since I joined the per-season basketball training, I always wanted to play mix match with the team A because I wanted to see how it feels to put all the skills that i have learnt till now and play with the players who were better than me. In that way I could tell myself whether I have improved or not. And finally during our last training, we got to play mix match with the team A. I was so excited at that moment and did my best while playing the game. I put in all the skills that I have learnt so far during the training and it made me perform well during the match however, I might have failed in some areas that I didn’t notice but I take both success and failure in a balanced manner. I think it is the best opportunity for me to keep moving forward, learn new skills and improve on my weaknesses.



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