Service Reflection #2

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  • After the October break, we started to meet our clients and immediately started with our sessions. It was really nice to see them but we did not have proper information like their requirements and taking necessary steps before meeting them. We were not fully prepared but the organisers helped us to kick off with the first sessions. It could have been better if our service team had taken some actions like investigating the organization and looking into what the clients need; or actions that need to be taken by us to help clients improve/overcome their weaknesses. In the beginning I felt a little awkward and uncomfortable while interacting with them and it was quite hard to explain and teach them as well, nevertheless, as we started to see them often, we became close to them. Especially, I really  felt close with Singhan who is my client because I was able to interact with and understand him quite well due to our effective sessions. 
  • Even though they knew about the sessions, we taught them how to dribble floor balls and taking the ball over or across the obstacles and then shoot. Singhan was already good at it but I think he improved over the sessions. I saw how he was trying so hard to implement what I told him to do over and over again but i understand that they are going to take more time to process in their brain so I always remind him on what he has to improve by showing how to do it. I think showing them and sometimes having physical contact like holding their hands to show how it is done properly  is one of the best ways to build a relationship so that they don’t think that we are strangers whenever they see us but instead a close friend who they can learn from. I know that everything takes time for them, including how they are going to think about us but I think it’s a matter of how we interact with them. 
  • We haven’t been able to do all the sessions and yet we have  more to learn from them and at the same time teach them. For me, i have been facing a little problem with understanding with their nature and I am still working on it so I hope through the upcoming sessions, I can build a capacity to learn more about them.  


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2 thoughts on “Service Reflection #2

  1. You make some very valid points in your reflection, Kinley. I think that so much time was spent in school when we actually could have been with the clients earlier. and then when we got there, the activities were pretty much prescribed despite all the ideas the students had come up. I can understand your point about feeling underprepared to work with the clients, having limited knowledge of their needs and the expectations. Having seen how far you have come, I suspect you would feel more at ease should you ever be in this situation again. I feel that you have the patience to keep demonstrating ,when you observe your client trying his best but not yet achieving.

  2. Kinley,
    I love your reflection, it is true to what happened and I think shows how we all felt in the beginning – ill-prepared for what we were about to face. I really enjoyed watching you interact with the clients and it was very clear to anyone watching that you had a caring and respectful manner with the clients and a joy in their successes.
    Well done.

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