Tennis #2

# LO 2

– Tennis has been one of my favourite activities ever since I joined UWCSEA. Whenever I feel down, I like playing tennis because it somehow helps me to relieve my stress and have fun or sometimes get the satisfaction. After the October break, I started to work hard and I always tried to improve my weaknesses but it’s hard to change my habit within that short period of time since I played with that same habit for several years, however, I am still working on it so I hope to change my weaknesses¬† soon.

– On the other hand, playing matches with different international schools has been a little challenging for me. I haven’t played any proper match in the past 7 months and now after joining UWCSEA and playing matches with other international or local school gave me little pressure as well. I felt really nervous before or even while playing matches because it was something new for me after I came here. It was quite taxing and I pressured myself¬† because my motive was to win all the matches, thus, I won 3 matches out of 4. However, after playing several matches I realised and learned that it is not necessary to win but how you play the match and use of techniques and tactics is important and somehow that may eventually lead to winning a match/tournament. In the process, I think I have improved my serving and consistency, nevertheless, I hope to improve more on these areas and my other weaknesses.


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