Kahani Reflection #2

LO # 1

  • I have been learning new steps in every session and in practises. I was able to improve my skills and synchronisations over lots of practises. I have also practised during the break so I am working really hard on this dance because I want to challenge myself and show that I can do well.  I am able to learn the steps well and I was also able to catch up the moves quickly so I felt little confident compared how I felt in the beginning of the dance practise. It wasn’t that bad! I hope to learn more from my friends and dance leader; not just about how to dance but about the beauty of dancing and teamwork. My group has been doing really well most of the time and now we are almost done with the steps and everyone is woking hard as the final day is really near. I think for me, the team that I am working with is one of the best teams that I have ever worked with and I think we are going to do well.
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