Outline of IO– Real IO Practise


Global Issue

Highlight one below

  • Culture, identity, and community 
Refined / Focused Global Issue
to what extent is  identity affected by external factors such as society and power? 

Thesis statement 

  1. religious and governmental  power affecting identity  
  2. society values affect identity 
  3. identity is created by external factors
Texts Chosen
Literature Text Persepolis by Marjane Satarapi
Non Literature Text Social media campaign Dove#speakbeautiful
Notes for the Oral

(maximum of 10 bullet points)

Non- Literature

  • dove soap was emerged from product development research into ways of treating burn victims during WWII. the brand is committed itself to help women realise their personal beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care. 
  • 82 percent of women surveyed feel the beauty standards set by social media are unrealistic and 4 out of every 5 negative tweets about beauty and body image are written by women critiquing themselves. this reveals the fact about how beauty is reflected to women on social media. Urging every woman to  join Dove and Twitter to turn negative tweets to positive one
Non-Literature Text (maximum of 3 bullet points)

  1. 1. Targeting women of all ages.  2. Dove and Twitter worked together to inspire behavioural change and ignite a cultural shift in beauty conversation on social media by encouraging women everywhere to #speakbeautiful. 
  2. The font size. Medium shot; blurring out the background and eye level; puts the audience on the same level as what is being described on the screen. 
  3. The colour of the text and background. – combination of brand and social media shows how one who is filled with hatred about her own appearance can free herself by getting support from Dove 
Literature Text (maximum of 3 bullet points)

  • The author was 9 years old when it started. the Islamic revolution started, Muslim Fundamentalist took power. → The text was set b/w the years 1979-1994 and the people of Iran drastically changed from being a western influenced citizens to a religiously oppressed people 
  • The text mainly focuses on how the identities and cultures of the Iranians were affected due to political and religious power + society values 
  • The author targets the younger generations and she write the novel in flashback in first point of view.– More personal approach is also used by the author in order to convey a deep sorrow of war and losing freedom
  •  the symbol of Veil; in Persepolis, one’s physical appearance becomes pivotal and the author also becomes really stressed by the way she looked because no one wanted her or ever loved her properly
  •  the first row is medium shot; angle is eye level;  the second and third row is a long shot with low angle. the low angle also gives the audience a sense that they are sharing the character’s perspective, so here the main character is not speaking but she is really thinking deep inside and looking up.




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