Real IO Practise #1

Literature text “Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi”

Non – literature “social media campaign #speakbeautiful by Dove” 


Feedback on Real IO Practise # 

  1. Refer the chosen text to the whole book. (literature)
  2. Talk more about the author and her background 
  3. Marjane’s family and herself is a social activist who knows that women shouldn’t be treated badly by men and should be given equality. However, in the third row of the chosen text, the male character seems like he is dragging her forcefully to somewhere to do something and she is not doing anything. She just thinks about what he might tell her instead of what thinking about what he is actually doing it to her.

Question: how can someone stay true to their identities?

Answer and feedback: in order to stay true to our own identities, we need the positive support from the society and people around us who can encourage the person to have a positive mind set and always being optimistic about our own body image. Like how the Dove campaign #speakbeautiful shows support to women by helping them to realise their personal potential beauty by creating products that deliver real care and encourage them to be confident in the society. However, in Persepolis, Marjane doesn’t get much support from her surroundings and there is no one who could actually give her positive advice. This is mainly because she moved to Austria which is a new surrounding and people around her didn’t know her really well nor does she but its the society that doesn’t take the action first. It doesn’t mean that everyone should each other in the society to help each other. Therefore for Marjane it is the lack of support from the people around her.


Points to Remember


  1. What is not shown in the advert/photo?–> looking to answer this
  2. Look at the dates given in the advert or magazine to identify what happened that time 
  3. Is gender role and racism shown or not?
  4. Do not repeat
  5. use relevant examples
  6. use of terminologies and organisation of the both the texts
  7.  use of compositions
  8. Intertextuality of literature and Non-literature text in the Intro and Conclusion
  9. Linking to the Global Issue often
  10. Refer your Literature and Non-literature text to other similar text related to it. (eg: linking social media campaign#speakbeautiful to # RealBeauty campaign both by Dove)
  11. Be precise about the target audience
  12. Always connecting your Lexical and Visual Elements
  13. research beyond what is shown on the image of literature or non-literature text.
  14. talk about the context of the author and text more in detail.

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