what to do while preparing for the real IO.

  • Bringing in new perspective and explanation- strong points 
  • Provide evidence when you are explaining 
  • Prioritise your points – which point to speak first 
  • Clear connection to the global issue- both lit and non-lit
  • Explanation and understand the text clearly before thesis statement 
  • Balance between the texts (4 mins each)
  • Going depth in one or two specific global issue not the whole GI- like eg: identity, communication and culture; you don’t have to talk about all of them but just focus on one and other one as supporting the main one. 
  • Work and brainstorm with the people who are doing the same body of work as you
  • Choose only 40 lines of literature text
  • Never repeat the points 
  • Make the connections clear for yourself
  • Chose the text that are related to each other (both literature and non-literature); that has both the same global issues and concept
  • The global issue should make sense to both literature and non-literature. 
  • Chose the text where you think that you can finish the elaboration in 10 minutes. Do not choose broad topics or texts 

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