Kahani #3

LO #5

one of the best experiences that I have ever had since I joined UWCSEA was Kahani. From the beginning till the end, I have always enjoyed the practises and I can’t describe how exciting the final show was. It was so tiring but more than that the show was awesome. The crowded hall, colourful background lightings and cheerful audience took away all of my nervousness and worries when I stepped on the stage. I have never had this kind of feelings or experiences before so I  am really happy and thankful to all the dance leaders and my group for working together collaboratively and showing the team work spirit. Though I had to sacrifice my weekends for dance practise, it was worth it. During the rehearsals, I made mistakes and sometimes even forgot the steps which made me feel little worried and anxious because I didn’t want to spoil the show for other people but my friends helped me out and we practised together a lot of times which helped me to gain more confidence and remember the steps. This was again one of the best parts of the Kahani dance where I got to exchange our skills together and build friendship. In the beginning, one of my goals was to improve on my synchronising skills and by the end of our Kahani, I have realised that I have improved a lot and I feel that this is all because of our team work and it was a life lesson for me.  I think that I would really like to improve more on my dancing capabilities so I look forward to continue and participate in more dance shows and learn new skills every day. With that, I also hope to lead dance next year during culturama so that I can share my learning experience with other people and again exchange skills with them.


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