Covid-19 #Stay Home activities

The covid-19 disrupted all the places around the world and affected lots of people. Since Singapore has also been affected by larger number of Covid-19 patients, all the schools and offices had to close to minimise the risk of wider spreading. therefore, since we couldn’t continue any sport activities, services or creativities, it has affected our reflections on CAS. However, I have been doing physical activities at home to keep myself healthy and try to maintain my physical training schedule as much as I can.

Recently, I have started doing yoga at home to enhance my body flexibility and strength. Before, I used to dislike yoga so much but since yoga is one of the best sports that we can do at home easily, I have developed some interest in doing it. Doing yoga in most of my free times at home has helped me to keep myself clam at the same time reflecting on my personal strengths and body stability. Since I do air rifle shooting, body stability and concentration is one of the key strengths in this field thus yoga is helping me to enhance my strengths. I think this can help me do better in air rifle shooting when I go back for regular training and also I am looking forward to learn more about yoga.




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