Student Alumni and Foundation Council Reflection #1


Taking part in the Student Alumni and Foundation Council is a new activity and experience for me. Without any hesitations, I joined the activity because I was very curious about how UWCSEA alumni were still able to connect to the school after they have graduated 10 or 15 years ago. I know UWC is a very diverse and international school and thought once we graduate from our high school, we won’t be able to connect to our friends and school properly as we all go on our own path after grade 12. Thus to explore, answer my curiosity and get ideas of how the school finds and connect with their alumni and in the hope to become one of them, I joined the activity.

The first few sessions were very exciting for me. Especially when we talked about how they always bring UWCSEA alumni from both East and Dover together after 10 years and how they celebrate together while also talking about their contributions (giving back to the school) to the school. Additionally, looking back at their alumni gathering photos and talking about how we can also bring the memorable photos of class of 2021, hyped my excitement. I look forward to more sessions where I can learn how to build and contribute to strong alumni network of UWCSEA and also build skills in different areas such as event management, presentations, creativity skills and most importantly building team work.

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Pottery Reflection #2

LO #1

As I attended pottery lessons every Monday, I have come to realise my first impression and expectations of what pottery could have meant. Before I joined pottery, I thought pottery just meant making pots and vessels, thus it did not interest me that much even though I wanted to try it. However, after joining the lessons, although it was only once a week, I have learnt a lot. Pottery is a decorative art where objects can be made of clay, paint on top of it to add aesthetics and hardened with heat. These processes were very fun and exciting for me since it was a new exploration and I have discovered my skills and abilities in Pottery which I want to continue to develop in the future through getting more experience in this field. I remember the last time I took a handful of clay and started making random objects which I found creative and thus has driven my interest in pottery more. However, I struggled choosing the right kind of colour for my objects as there are hundreds of colours in the Art class with various names and I did not know how these various colours would turn out after heating it. Therefore, in the remaining classes of pottery, I hope to explore the different colours which I think would mostly suit the object while also understanding what kind of colour it is and how it will turn out at the end. 



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