Paper 1 feedback + Reflection

The Journey of Lifetime – Text 2


How might you edit your work to maintain precise vocabulary, spelling, grammar?

  • Study the use of literary devices and alternative vocabulary from the resources on the OLP 
  • careful on writing choice of vocabularies and grammar . –> not making simple mistakes

How might you identify ideas/themes being developed and create a clear thesis centered on theme?

  • Read the text – understand- identify what the author is trying to tell the readers (bigger theme) – then connect with one of the 7 concepts or Global issues- come up with thesis strands. 

How might you unpack the text type conventions of the core story/ articles to help connect them to ideas/theme? 

  • By looking into how the text type (eg: article) features affect the story of the author. 
  • Eg: looking into (knowledge from news, media, bias) and how does that affect the intended audience

How might you avoid simply providing a summary of the article and create insightful analysis? 

  • PEE
  • commenting more on the diction, style or tone, noticing for example the use of personification or anthropomorphism, of sensationalism, hyperbole, humour


Connecting bigger ideas using any one 7 concepts or use of any one global issues 


Criterion B

    • Close analysis is missing – got the same score last time 
    • Establishing a theme that the thesis statements connect to 
    • Having a concluding statement after every paragraph.  
    • Unpack – more evidence – Visual (heading placement, layout, etc) and Lexical elements 
  • How do visual and lexical elements connect to create themes or provide ideas? 
  • How does authorial choice shape meaning? 

Criterion D

  • Work on sentence structure.
  • Use of precise terminologies and literary devices. 

My goal 

  • Working on unpacking and analysis – through analysing/ pre-studying the 7 concepts and also the global issues. So that I can center around my main ideas around them. 
  • Use of correct and appropriate vocabulary related to paper 1
  • Time management
  • Practising reading more other texts to get to use to reading pace in exam – you spent too much time re-reading the text last time 
  • Staying focused on the main theme – Criterion C → Organise thesis in order of priority. 
  • Unpacking visual and lexical elements 

Diction – the choice and use of words and phrases in speech or writing.

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