Softball Reflection


Being able to continue softball after all the challenges we had to face in 2019 was the best thing. Due to restrictions, I thought we won’t be able to play any of the sports I like but I was very happy to join softball again. Even though we didn’t get to train and the play a lot last year, I was at least able to develop my skills and performance as beginner which developed my interest in wanting to learn more this year.

During the first two sessions (2020), in just short period of time, I have started to improve my weak skills which were mainly the batting and body posture while still maintaining high stability in the lower body part after batting. I have come to realise my weaknesses which hindered my performance in softball in the second session when we practised developing skills on batting.  While there are still many areas where I really need practise to improve my performance, the session on batting skills have given me motivation and passion to learn, develop and improve my skills and performance in the future. I look forward  to upcoming training and practise sessions.

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