Student Alumni and Foundation Council Reflection #2


As the sessions were conducted, we were introduced to more interesting facts about the Alumni Foundation and how they have been keeping up with their activities every year while still connecting with many other alumnus. For instance, I found it very fun and unique when we took photos of how we would look like or where we see ourselves in 10 years from now. At first, I didn’t get why we were taking photo right now for something that we would take only after 10 years but I came to realise that it was for our reunion, our memories and featuring our diverse cultural backgrounds which made me feel fascinated.

Career Week.

Career week was another activity that I found it very fun and engaging. Even though we had career week last year in grade 11, a lot of things and my plan for what I want to study in college have changed so at that time and this time I was exploring my new interests in the area of Aerospace engineering. Since I recently found out about my interest in Aerospace engineering, I was hoping to get to talk with other people who have studied Aerospace engineering or who had the similar interest as mine. Fortunately, career week was around and when we were given the opportunity to choose our own interest of area to go as a Grade 12 student facilitator, I took advantage of it and was able to attend/facilitate two Alumni sessions  in the area of Aerospace engineering. I have learned skills in taking lead as the facilitator even though I was very nervous but at the same time, because of my interests in wanting to get to know more about Aerospace engineering along with other grade 10s and 11s, my nervousness turned into excitement. I am very thankful for giving us this opportunity to get to know and connect with our East Alumni and helping on our way to college life. I look forward to learn and engage in more activities in the future sessions.


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