Final IO Reflection 3

With lot of practises and preparation with my classmates, I felt confident about doing my IO. However, since I came back home and could not go back to Singapore, I decided to do my IO remotely. Thinking about doing IO online was one of the biggest challenges I faced during the online learning period. Firstly, I was worried since it was my first time and secondly, I worried about technical difficulties which could occur anytime during the timed session. Nevertheless, everything was well organised from the school side and I made sure to keep myself connected to stronger internet connection without any distractions. This made my 15 minutes of IO very smooth without any problems.

Completing my IO was one of the biggest achievements during the stressful remote learning and at the same time, I have learnt a lot during two months of preparation put into my work. I have learnt not only how to compare different types of texts but also how to deeply unpack and analyse the text while also making intertextuality of the contexts. This has helped me to get ideas for my HL essay and in real life applications.

Final IO Reflection 2

Outline link

With the help of outline and information from the padlet, I was able to identify key ideas that I needed to talk about. Although we were on remote learning at that time, some of my friends and I who took similar text types were able to come together and help each other by sharing our thesis and main ideas while also correcting the mistakes or vague points we found in each others’ outline. I think this made me feel more confident about my preparation and the main ideas that I outlined to talk about.

My main theme was to analyse and unpack how the identity is affected by the societal norms and expectations in both literature and non-literature text while also emphasising the significance of their background and context of the text.

Identity in Novel:

  •  Identity is affected by society
  • Gender identity is affected by cultural expectation gender roles
  • Society values limit identity – not being able to make their own decisions 

Identity (photograph):

  • Identity is affected by society
  • Identity is influenced by economic role in society
  • It is limited by the society

Final IO Reflection 1

I began to plan my IO ideas and which relevant texts I can choose as soon as possible so that I can start planning and even if i needed to change any of the texts, then I would still have more time to prepare. I organised all of my notes for all the literature and non-literature texts that we covered in class in a padlet to make it easier for myself to choice pairs.

Padlet link –


At first, I chose to do Women’s world and one of the adverts we studied in the class but I could not find one that I felt more comfortable to talk about and match the ideas with Women’s world. Therefore, after talking with my teacher, I picked the pages from Women’s world where it talked about the loss of identity of Roy and I tried to match with one of the photos of Dorothea Lange that I felt confident with.

I decided to choose:

  • Women’s world by Graham Rawle – page 264 as literature text
  • Photographs by Dorothea lange – “White Angle breadline San Francisco 1993.  – Non-literature



“White Angle breadline San Francisco 1993.

Women’s World -page 264


Paper 1 Reflection – Mars Water: will it be contaminated by Earth cooties ? (Jan 2020)

  1. How might you identity the text type more effectively and discuss text type conventions? 
  • Understand the text clearly first and do pre-study of different text types for easy identification of the text during the test.


2. How might you provide more evidence and unpack theme to support your thesis? 

  • Look more into visual and lexical elements and connect them to the main theme of the text
  • Refer to the purpose of the visual and lexical elements
  • Look into the tone and registration. 
  • Analysing “so what?” after stating evidence
  • Unpack Language 
  • Answer the guiding question directly


3. How might you unpack the use of visual elements and their interactions with lexical elements?

  • By looking into frame compositions, angle, camera shots, layouts, Rule of thirds 
  • How visual elements interacts with the lexical elements
  • looking into what the image present or symbolise –> “humorous?” “satire?”



–> stick with PEE

–> Prepare beforehand –> know the conventions, styles and structures of different text types. –> feedback slide –> Screencast feedback