Paper 1 Reflection – Mars Water: will it be contaminated by Earth cooties ? (Jan 2020)

  1. How might you identity the text type more effectively and discuss text type conventions? 
  • Understand the text clearly first and do pre-study of different text types for easy identification of the text during the test.


2. How might you provide more evidence and unpack theme to support your thesis? 

  • Look more into visual and lexical elements and connect them to the main theme of the text
  • Refer to the purpose of the visual and lexical elements
  • Look into the tone and registration. 
  • Analysing “so what?” after stating evidence
  • Unpack Language 
  • Answer the guiding question directly


3. How might you unpack the use of visual elements and their interactions with lexical elements?

  • By looking into frame compositions, angle, camera shots, layouts, Rule of thirds 
  • How visual elements interacts with the lexical elements
  • looking into what the image present or symbolise –> “humorous?” “satire?”



–> stick with PEE

–> Prepare beforehand –> know the conventions, styles and structures of different text types. –> feedback slide –> Screencast feedback 


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