Final IO Reflection 1

I began to plan my IO ideas and which relevant texts I can choose as soon as possible so that I can start planning and even if i needed to change any of the texts, then I would still have more time to prepare. I organised all of my notes for all the literature and non-literature texts that we covered in class in a padlet to make it easier for myself to choice pairs.

Padlet link –


At first, I chose to do Women’s world and one of the adverts we studied in the class but I could not find one that I felt more comfortable to talk about and match the ideas with Women’s world. Therefore, after talking with my teacher, I picked the pages from Women’s world where it talked about the loss of identity of Roy and I tried to match with one of the photos of Dorothea Lange that I felt confident with.

I decided to choose:

  • Women’s world by Graham Rawle – page 264 as literature text
  • Photographs by Dorothea lange – “White Angle breadline San Francisco 1993.  – Non-literature



“White Angle breadline San Francisco 1993.

Women’s World -page 264


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