Final IO Reflection 2

Outline link

With the help of outline and information from the padlet, I was able to identify key ideas that I needed to talk about. Although we were on remote learning at that time, some of my friends and I who took similar text types were able to come together and help each other by sharing our thesis and main ideas while also correcting the mistakes or vague points we found in each others’ outline. I think this made me feel more confident about my preparation and the main ideas that I outlined to talk about.

My main theme was to analyse and unpack how the identity is affected by the societal norms and expectations in both literature and non-literature text while also emphasising the significance of their background and context of the text.

Identity in Novel:

  • ¬†Identity is affected by society
  • Gender identity is affected by cultural expectation gender roles
  • Society values limit identity – not being able to make their own decisions¬†

Identity (photograph):

  • Identity is affected by society
  • Identity is influenced by economic role in society
  • It is limited by the society

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