IFP Oversea Conference

Oversea Conference Application

I have always been a natural leader and building a leadership skill is something that I want in my subsequent role. I like taking initiatives and doing volunteer work that has always positive impact in the society. It not only helps the society but it also helps me gain confidence within myself and it helps me to view the society in a different way. I am also a very passionate person who gives immense time to community service work. During this summer (2018), I interned in an NGO (Bhutan Youth Development Fund) where my friends who graduated from high school and I have hosted a charity show so that we could raise some money to give it to the NGO who helps people with disabilities and youths (NU. 14,000 in total). On the other hand, I have also guided and initiated a project called “Zhenphen Project” literally meaning “Altruism” in which we formed a group of four to five members including myself. We collected and made a donation of clothes aiming for slum families in the capital city of Bhutan and even donated to Tarayana Foundation (public benefit organization, registered with the civil society organization authority of Bhutan which was founded by Her Majesty the Queen Mother Ashi Dorji Wangmo Wangchuck). Moreover, we extended the project through sharing on social medias and to other schools as well.


I came to know about Initiative For Peace through my seniors who have graduated from UWCSEA. During summer, she also did her internship with me at the NGO (National Committee of UWC) and during one of the biggest camps (Golden Youth Award Camp) organised by our National Committee, She led a workshop on IFP with the students who come from across the country. I was also one of the members who led the workshop with my senior and that’s how I came to know and understand more about IFP. Thus, I joined the activity immediately so that I can learn more and help spread how to build peace in different societies and environment. IFP has been one of my favourite activities and throughout the sessions, it helped me to reflect on my own actions and about the things that I have been doing till now. It helped me to change my perspectives towards different people’s situations and significance of understanding diversification. 


Being an openminded person, this personality has helped me to grow and learn from others. Apart from that, depending on the situation, I can also sacrifice my comfort if it is going to benefit the other person. Also I have been a team leader and I always find it fun and useful when people work together in groups and share ideas. Thus,  if I am able to become one of the team members of the overseas conference then I think it will be a great opportunity for me to improve myself and at the same time, help people understand how to reduce conflicts and understand peace building.  

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IFP Reflection #4

LO #7

Till now in IFP we have been talking, discussing and planning on how peace is important in any situation in any country or with any people. I have been understanding peace in a way I could understand the world from a different perspectives. Now because the world itself is in chaos and it’s hard to explain how we can get together and build peace together because everyone is facing different difficult circumstances and I know that its hard to think about the rest of the world even when you know that you need to build peace and help each other. At times like this we need to come together and fight together and I strongly agree that it has been already time to share and take action from what we have learned from IFP. The session that took place virtually on the 9th June was very impactful for me. As I talked with my friends, I could hear different perspectives about how they are thinking about this situations and how all of them are remaining positive and supporting around the world. The session also made me realise the significance of the values that UWCSEA holds and to what extend we are trying to implement them or have been able to meet them. The discussion was helpful for me as I was able to share my opinions and at the same time, hear others opinions as well. I hope taking advantage of the current situation, all of us are able to become a good peace-builder.

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Softball Reflection #2

LO #4. 

Everything was becoming harder to do it on regular basis or like normal days due to covid-19. Due to closure of school before the actual April break, we could not continue with our activities as well. However, I feel I have learned a lot through the trainings and mini-matches with Dover we had till then. One of the sessions that I loved the most was the morning training as I got to know more of theories and how to apply them, therefore I loved going on morning trainings though it has always been hard to wake up.  Then in the evening trainings, I would apply what I have learned in the morning sessions which had a very big impact on my attitude when ever I played softball. Maybe it’s because softball is a new sport for me and something that I have always wanted to try that I always feel curious of every little thing related to softball and would be always ready to learn something new everyday. I would also practise the posture of hitting the ball correctly at the boarding as I found this as one of my weaknesses.

Additionally, matches with the Dover were the best moments. I still remember that anxious feeling I felt when I entered the field. It was too hot which made me feel more uncomfortable but our team corporation was the best. Probably because we had good teamwork that we all cheered for each other and eventually I felt comfortable and confident. First game and we won against Dover. I was really happy because I contributed to my team and I strongly felt the significance of having teamwork. Thereafter,  I practised much harder and always aimed at improving my weaknesses at the same time trying to achieve my goals that I have set in the beginning of the sessions. Overall, I would say I loved all the sessions/trainings that I have been through and I hope to continue softball next year as well.

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Covid-19 #Stay Home activities

The covid-19 disrupted all the places around the world and affected lots of people. Since Singapore has also been affected by larger number of Covid-19 patients, all the schools and offices had to close to minimise the risk of wider spreading. therefore, since we couldn’t continue any sport activities, services or creativities, it has affected our reflections on CAS. However, I have been doing physical activities at home to keep myself healthy and try to maintain my physical training schedule as much as I can.

Recently, I have started doing yoga at home to enhance my body flexibility and strength. Before, I used to dislike yoga so much but since yoga is one of the best sports that we can do at home easily, I have developed some interest in doing it. Doing yoga in most of my free times at home has helped me to keep myself clam at the same time reflecting on my personal strengths and body stability. Since I do air rifle shooting, body stability and concentration is one of the key strengths in this field thus yoga is helping me to enhance my strengths. I think this can help me do better in air rifle shooting when I go back for regular training and also I am looking forward to learn more about yoga.




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Softball Reflection #1

LO # 2

Softball was one of the sports that I have always wanted to try but whenever I think of playing, I get worried of whether I will be able to do it or not. Nevertheless, finally I have decided to challenge myself to do softball for season 3.  Till now I have been to all 6 trainings and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I did struggle with catching and throwing the ball accurately but I think I am improving. I also see myself engaging with other team members and I hope to learn more from them. Sometimes I find myself in poor position while hitting  the ball but I am looking forward to the rest of the trainings to improve my skills in hitting, pitching, catching and throwing the ball while on other hand, improving our team communication skills as well.


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2020 Goals for Softball

Softball Goals 

I have not tried softball before, thus, it is a new and challenging sport for me.

long and short term goals:

  1. Improve flexibility for the first base
  2. Get stronger and accurate in throwing the ball.
  3. Improving my hand – eye coordination
  4. Get stronger in hitting with appropriate skills.
  5. Learn new technical/tactical  and mental skills.
  6. Try for team A  and SEASAC next year – long term goal
  7. Attending all the training sessions and matches.
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Service Reflection #3

LO #6

Season 1 and season 2 were really interactive with our clients. It was most of our time that we spent interacting with them and learning from each other. Most of the time, we taught them how to play basketball and floorball and we have also played a few matches with them. Though the sessions were quite short, it was always worth spending time with them and doing healthy activities before everyone goes home. However, towards the end of season 2, the organisers decided to cancel their participation in the special olympics. The reason was mainly because the organisers thought that the games and other activities in the special olympics are going to be little challenging for the AMK Minds and they are not yet ready to face them.  Cancelling from participating in the special olympics did not stop us from playing sports with the AMK Minds. We still continued with our sessions of different activities. Last time, we played Netball together which was something new for me and it was really fun playing, at the same time learning something new and interesting from them. To keep all the clients of AMK Minds and our service members healthy, strong and interactive, the organisers and our service have decided to do various activities from now on and keep the spirit of engagement and interaction. 

Like the saying “sometimes bad things have to happen before good things can” – Becca Fitzpatrick , due to the outbreak of coronavirus which started to spread globally during the Chinese New Year, all the outdoor school activities and events were canceled to minimise the risk for both the parties. Therefore, we can no longer go to meet our clients at  AMK Minds which is very sad. However, our service is coming up with different ideas, plans and ways to improve our strategies when we see them in August (or on season 3 and 4). Thus, we have even come up with our SWOT analysis to point out our specific strengths and other ways to improve our weaknesses and how to tackle our threats. Furthermore, I am actually looking forward to our upcoming meetings at school where we get to plan all the activities that we will be doing when we meet them as this is one of the best opportunities that we can get.











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Kahani #3

LO #5

one of the best experiences that I have ever had since I joined UWCSEA was Kahani. From the beginning till the end, I have always enjoyed the practises and I can’t describe how exciting the final show was. It was so tiring but more than that the show was awesome. The crowded hall, colourful background lightings and cheerful audience took away all of my nervousness and worries when I stepped on the stage. I have never had this kind of feelings or experiences before so I  am really happy and thankful to all the dance leaders and my group for working together collaboratively and showing the team work spirit. Though I had to sacrifice my weekends for dance practise, it was worth it. During the rehearsals, I made mistakes and sometimes even forgot the steps which made me feel little worried and anxious because I didn’t want to spoil the show for other people but my friends helped me out and we practised together a lot of times which helped me to gain more confidence and remember the steps. This was again one of the best parts of the Kahani dance where I got to exchange our skills together and build friendship. In the beginning, one of my goals was to improve on my synchronising skills and by the end of our Kahani, I have realised that I have improved a lot and I feel that this is all because of our team work and it was a life lesson for me.  I think that I would really like to improve more on my dancing capabilities so I look forward to continue and participate in more dance shows and learn new skills every day. With that, I also hope to lead dance next year during culturama so that I can share my learning experience with other people and again exchange skills with them.


Kahani Reflection #2

LO # 1

  • I have been learning new steps in every session and in practises. I was able to improve my skills and synchronisations over lots of practises. I have also practised during the break so I am working really hard on this dance because I want to challenge myself and show that I can do well.  I am able to learn the steps well and I was also able to catch up the moves quickly so I felt little confident compared how I felt in the beginning of the dance practise. It wasn’t that bad! I hope to learn more from my friends and dance leader; not just about how to dance but about the beauty of dancing and teamwork. My group has been doing really well most of the time and now we are almost done with the steps and everyone is woking hard as the final day is really near. I think for me, the team that I am working with is one of the best teams that I have ever worked with and I think we are going to do well.
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Kahani Reflection

LO #2

  • Dancing has always been one of my hobbies. I am very good at dancing in my cultural songs but I have always wanted to dance other western and cultured songs. I did my auditions for Culturama but sadly I didn’t in so I have joined Kahani and I hope to learn a lot from this new experience that I will be having as it is going to be challenging for me. I was and still am so excited to learn more new steps for our dance and for the real show.  One of my goals is to learn important dance steps and moves, at the time learn the synchronisation. I am quite bad at synchronising the steps when I dance in groups so I am especially focusing on improving this. On the other hand, I also want to improve my improvisational skills from this experience so that I can become better in dancing. I also hope to make new friends from different grades and exchange learning skills.
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