My three letter code was Investigative, Realistic and Social. (IRS)

Some of the careers that I found interesting are as follows:

  1. Sports medicine physician: I found this career interesting because I love sports and I have always wanted to do something related to sports in the future. I like doing the things that I enjoy doing it and something where I have already experience in it like I always have to balance my diet, do regular medical checkups, fitness so that I don’t face any problems while playing sports and so on. Thus, I want to study like ( treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system, giving advises against injured athletes etc) and improve more in that field so that I can find a career related to it. However, sports is my second career option.
  2.  Dermatologist- this career option is something that I have never thought about before but it was there in one of the career list by MaiaLearning. It’s interesting to know and have an option of a career recommended that I didn’t think of it before because it is helping me to take into consideration of different fields for my future career and Dermatologist is fun to study as well.
  3.  Dietetic Technician- this career option was on the top list but I don’t think it matches my interest that much and of what I want to study as well. I not the type of person who really cares about diet or healthy food or a great cook. I am not even that interested in cooking and food production but being a dietetic technician was the first career recommended for me by MaiaLearning. From my point of view, MaiaLearning doesn’t really show the type of career I want in my future.
  • I am actually not sure about my career in the future but I want to study something related to design technology, physics, Arts and sports but also something related to social.  The careers recommended by MaiaLearning are all mostly related to the study of medicine and theory and shows less career option relating to social and practical work. Thus I feel like  it doesn’t really show the type of career that I want in the future.




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Personality Reflection

My personality type is Intuition, Sensing, Feeling and Judging. All these personalities were shown many times both at home and at school as well. whenever I do my school homework, assignments, projects, any activities or when I go on a trip, I always plan before I start. Before I start doing my work, I list down the things I need to do and organise them which is really helpful because in that way even if I forget my homework, I can go back and look at the lists that I have written down earlier. On the other hand, I don’t like making last minute plans as I find it disorganised, not being responsible and stressful so I plan ahead and keep the things ready if I am doing some activities or service work. For example, during our October break, I did a small service in Chiang mai, Thailand. So before going there, I planned all the activities that I will be doing with the children at Children’s Shelter Foundation and got the things ready that I might need to use it. I also planned some backup activities in case if the activities in the schedule doesn’t turn out to be good. In this way, I feel well prepared and confident to do the service.

I also don’t like delaying tasks like especially homework and assignments. I try to manage my time though it has been little hard for me since I joined UWCSEA as we have so many things to do at one time but since I don’t like delaying things, I try to finish all of my works on time or before dead line and balance it with other extracurricular activities.

Nevertheless, I am an introverted person. I have so many things going on in my head but I never share them with others. Even when we work in groups, I can’t speak out even if I really want to and I think it is mainly because I lack self confidence. I often like spending time alone and relaxing instead of going out. I am a good listener and I have strong compassion and empathy towards others in any situation

Careers related to this personality type are:

  1. Medical Assistant
  2. Health Educator
  3. Fitness Trainer
  4. Business
  5. Military
  6. heating and air conditioning mechanics and installer..

Yes, some of the careers mentioned above like Business, Medical assistant and Fitness trainer, Military interests me because those careers are related to this personality type (IJSF) and I think I would enjoy working on one of those careers especially Military and Business.


  1. organised and well planned-out: being organised and well-planned out person helps us become more responsible, better person and it is widely necessary for any career that we choose to do in the future
  2. Making thoughtful decisions based on practical considerations
  3. Hardworking and ethical in all the fields: impressing people through your handwork and ethical personality. (can be a role model for someone)

One of the famous person who shares the same personality type as mine is Johnny Carson who is an American  TV Show Host, comedian, writer and producer. He was best known as the host of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (1962–1992). He was also awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1992 and received a Kennedy Center Honor in 1993.










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Skills/ Qualities- Likes/ Dislikes

The person that I admire the most is the person who I always look up to as my role model. This person has inspired me to be who I am and to have an aim in life. Some of his skills and qualities are:

  1. Leadership
  2. Collaboration
  3. Honesty
  4. Commitment and Passion 
  5. Good Communicator 
  6. Empathy
  7. Confidence
  8. Optimism 
  9. Positive attitude

I want to develop all the skills/qualities that I have mentioned above but mostly I want to develop the skills and qualities that are in bold within myself.  I want to develop leadership skills so that I can positively interact  with the people around me, listen to their problems and feedbacks, motivate others and develop positive human relation skills. I also want to develop commitment and passion  for what I am doing. The person I admire always shows his full commitment to his work and he shows his passion by doing work that has always benefited the people.  I feel that commitment and passion are one of the most important key factors that we need in our lives to perform better, achieve goals and aims, build team work and to show that you believe in the work that you are doing and that it is important to you. Being a Good Communicator is also very vital. I want to develop this skill as well so that I am able to communicate my message effectively to the people or to my team and avoid having error in communication. Words have the power to motivate people and if you have good communication skills you can motivate others to think creatively and have a goal in their lives. Empathy is something that we should have within ourselves. If one doesn’t have inborn empathy, it will be hard to develop. As far as I know, the person I admire have strong empathy to the people. He always listen to peoples’ thoughts and feelings and look at their situations from different perspectives. He then tries to solve their problems and help them overcome their hardships. And this is what I also want to work on so that I can improve as I grow.


Some of the skills/qualities that I dislike about a person are:

  1. Clumsy
  2. Disorganised 
  3. Greedy
  4. Not being thoughtful
  5. Intolerant 
  6. Irresponsible

I want to avoid all of them because I don’t like having one of those qualities within myself. I don’t like people who are not organised with the things they do because I feel that being disorganised leads to lack of awareness of what is happening around us.  It can often lead to problems and also when we are disorganised we keep things to do it later and we eventually forget them. Also being intolerant can cause lots of problems and misunderstanding between a partner or a group which is not good at all. It can lead to breaking of relationships and ineffective collaboration/teamwork with people. Thus, I want to avoid being intolerant. On the other hand, being Irresponsible shows the lack of leadership and commitment. It also shows a weak part of your personality  to others and because of that people can perceive you as unreliable and not capable of what you are asked to do. Therefore, I want to avoid all these qualities and look up to the qualities of the person I like so that I can become a better human being.


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Reflection on Empathy #1

Empathy is something that I have always wanted to work on so that I can understand and help the people around me without having them to tell me everything. I feel that everyone have empathy within  themselves; it’s just that they don’t know when and how to have empathy. Empathy is the ability to identify, understand the situation and someone’s emotions as if they are your own emotions and putting yourself in their frame. From my point of view, empathy is one of the strongest emotions of a human being because it helps us to understand the situation from different perspectives, how they are feeling, have compassion for them and being moved to take actions without judging anything . Empathy is acknowledging the other person. Empathy is different from sympathy in the way sympathy is looking down on people and showing pity towards them thereby forming an opinion that they are not as capable as the other people. Empathy is giving hand to the other person and sharing their burden; helping them to feel supportive and having positive environment.


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