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GPers Environment Unit Essential Questions


Essential Questions

  • What is the environment?
    • The environment is the things around us. Both natural and artificial. Environment can also be other people that interacts with us and influences us. Anything around us can be defined by environment from lakes and trees to our friends and teachers.
  • Why are some environmental issues more attractive than others?
    • Some environmental issues are more attractive because it affects people directly or will affect people proven by scientists.
  • How do environmental attitudes vary and change?(Are we (humans) deliberatively destructive?)
    • Animals are naturally destructive even if it isn’t deliberate. Animals eat other animals or plants. If you release 10,000 goats onto a small patch of land, it will destroy the grass. Humans are no exception. Population growth causes need for more resources than ever, and to obtain these resources we may destroy the environment since there is no time to prepare. In third world countries, people cannot afford to be nice to the environment as each and every resource is crucial to their survival. However, in first world countries, though demand is high, resources are not as essential and we can take a step back and try to protect the environment to insure the survival of our future.
  • Where do our environmental values come from? (Do humans have the right to use the environment and other species for their own needs, as some faiths suggest? Do we have a responsibility to protect the environment for future generations?)
    • Environmental values come from our needs. Animals have the right to use the environment. Survival of the fittest is what nature results in. Currently humans are at the top of the food chain. This give us rights to use the land however we want. However, owning rights to the land also places responsibility for the wellbeing of the environment on us as well. To protect future generations and other animals, we have to protect the environment so that it is a livable environment.
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  1. 1) We mostly had the same idea of how the environment is, but something that I liked from your perspective is how you described the artificial environment.

    2) We have different perspectives on this topic; I liked how you talked about the scientific perspectives.

    3) We mainly had the same perspectives.

    4) We had completely different perspectives about this, you talked about how animals needed the environment more than us, and I talked about the topic in a different manner.

    You’re so cool.

  2. I think you do have a general understanding of the environment, however, I believe that you should have answered the questions more explicitly as some of your answers didn’t fully relate to the question. Yet, ’twas a good piece of work 🙂

  3. Are you more Ecocentric than Anthropocentric or vice versa?
    I am more anthropocentric than ecocentric.

    Which category fits your views best and why?
    The technocentric category fits my view the best because I believe that with better technology we can better solve both problems in the environment and improve our economy.

    What has influenced your environmental perspectives?
    Living in a first-world country has influenced my environmental perspectives. I live with many high tech products and methods. For instance I know that tesla electronic cars reduce air pollution by a lot and reduce gas costs, both making the environment better and our economy better.

    Do you demonstrate any cognitive dissonance with your environmental perspective? E.g. does your ecological footprint match your beliefs? Is there anything you must try to change?
    There are some cognitive dissonance. For example, I disagreed with the statement: technology can solve all our energy needs. I also disagreed with “Looking at a beautiful view is not as important as economic progress”. I think when I learned more about the different viewpoints of this topic I changed by opinion.

    How might economic growth and environmental sustainability present contrasting viewpoints? Which do you believe to be more important
    Economic growth usually sacrifices environmental resources for raw materials to develop new technology. These technology may also have impact while being used. After the product is used, the waste may also impact the environment. Environmental growth usually places emphasis on being one with the environment, and using the environment for resources without harming it. However most technology focuses on being better than previous ones. Environmental health is usually an obstacle. Thus, companies go for economic wealth over environmental friendliness. I personally think both is important and we must balance it.

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