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August 23, 2018

Math and Me

Michael Yin. IGCSE CIM and Additional maths.

I do not have particular feelings for this subject. Sometimes I enjoy doing it, other times it is a chore. I think it depends on the different topics.

On this scale I would put myself right in the middle. I like to struggle some at first, but if I can’t find a method I would like the problem to be explained. If I am truly “Stuck” I will either ask other people for help, or if other people are unavailable, google solutions for the problem.

My biggest strength is flexibility. I learn about all different types of mathematics and I am yet to find a speciality or an area where I struggled a lot in. This could both be a strength and a weakness. For the first few weeks of grade 11 I would like to focus on being diligent. After a summer without much mathematics, I want to get back into business and get the gears in my brain running again as soon as possible.

Something I would like my teachers to know about me is that I prefer working on problems on the textbook and learning from that instead of working on problems together as a class. I feel the pacing will be either too slow or too fast when we work on a problem together.

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