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Term 2 Jazz Band Reflection


In term 2 we performed our 3 prepared songs on stage at the Wavelength concert. The songs included Birdland, Little Darlin, and a self written piece by a student in the music department. These pieces require different techniques to play, as they are very different in tone and rhythm.

Learning outcome 2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

Shifting from a high intensity piece, that of Birdland, to a soft and slow piece is a challenging feat. A high amount of control and precision is needed to make the transition and stay within the boundaries. The slower piece is further challenging because of the techniques I need to know to play the piece properly. As I mostly play through the whole piece, keeping up breath with long notes can prove to be challenging. Not rushing, even through fatigue also proved quite challenging. But thanks to the preparation I had in previous rehearsals, I was very well prepared for this concert.


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