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EE Day Reflection


One thing Ive learned.

Something I learned about today is how to write personal engagement. With 5 areas you can connect to: culture, family, history, language, and religion, I can relate my personal engagement with the specific topic I am researching about. As it is 6 marks of the essay, I must show why I want to write about this topic and how this topic relates to me in depth, not just that I was interested in it.

What I’m proud of

I am proud of starting to write my essay with the introduction containing my personal engagement and the background of the research question. It has become my first step in my extended essay progress.

What else do I need to do next.

I need to continue my research on quantum algorithms and whether it is feasible to predict a trend and where I can expect a relationship between the input value and an element of the output value. I also have to further my understanding of quantum circuits as a mathematical model so I can understand the algorithms I come in contact with better.

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