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Interim Reflection 2 (RC2)


Having unable to apply experiments to quantum algorithms with a real quantum computer, I looked into a more practical side concerning quantum decoherence, measurable on the online IBM Quantum Experience computer yet extremely relevant to the future and functionality of quantum computers. Thus far, my research has been fairly successful. I was able to find multiple scholarly sources on research projects about quantum decoherence, and my experiment with the IBMQx has been successful with both the online interface and Qiskit environment. I also learnt a lot about quantum mechanics and how it applies to quantum computing through online college lectures. To be able to explain the advanced concepts of quantum computing to my audience, I need to first understand them well, starting from the basics. My supervisor has asked me to find a variety of sources and justify my arguments further and ensure credibility of my research. I will read papers pertaining to other parts of quantum computing.

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